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  1. Pelican case is your answer. More expensive...but a lot less time. Probably last 50-100 years no problem.
  2. Get out....get out now....hahahaha. Seriously though, it is an older bunch, MOSTLY. Attending many events large and small the simple fact is that the crowd tends to be 40+ crowd. It was younger back in the day, but has gravitated up as those same folks hung around. The retirees and RVers have also jumped on the bandwagon. Smart phones haven't helped the younger folks move in. It just isn't "cool". I kinda think of geocaching in the same circles as ham radio. Can be fun and such, but it just has a stigma. There are young folks that do it, but lets face it, it is way more fun to go out drinking and socializing than spend countless hours on a computer and in a car (that is what 80% of geocaching is....really). It is funny though when you do find a younger person into geocaching, it usually comes in different circles (I've run into the younger ones at an instragram meet, pub crawl bike ride, weekend market, etc.). But regardless of age, enjoy the game as you see fit.
  3. Incorrect. A basic member is not allowed to view the cache page, get the coordinates, etc. of a premium only cache. Make viewable to ALL. Stop the EXCLUSION of fellow members. There has been ZERO hard proof to any benefit of a premium cache. For every person that says it keeps cache theft down, there is just as many premium caches that are thieved or vandalized.
  4. That is kind of insulting. You say if we don't like it we don't understand it. So an intelligent person who has a clear understanding of it but doesnt want it on this nice simple forum cannot exist in your world. Sort of my way or the highway I guys. I guess you are not at all interested in a multi sided discussion just agreement and help imposing your view. Sorry, didn't mean it to come off as insulting. I don't think any less of a fellow cacher if they don't want it. My point was only to bring it up for Grounspeak to see. The forums here don't really reflect the general caching world sadly. So seeing a negative response to a good idea isn't a surprise. Including myself...it tends to come to be a place to rant, complain, etc. Over the years I have had many good ideas poo-poo'd by forum members but loved elsewhere. Some even became features (not because I suggested them, but because many other did as well or it was just the right thing to do). As far as reading comprehension, I can't buy that. We have various marks and punctuation throughout our english language and another simple mark isn't going to interfere with that, well at least not for 99.9% of people.
  5. This wasn't really a post seeing of members would like it or not because if you don't like it, probably just means you don't understand it (hastagging and/or the power of social media), or simply don't realize it is benign to you here. There is basically no negatives. It simply is a matter of whether Groundspeak is able to implement it or not. Luckily, since posting this, mentioned it at a couple of events and there the feedback has been positive. Definitely hope Groundspeak either looks at it. One forum that does use it has been seriously enhanced by its function.
  6. Great photos. Keep em coming. I need to get a new one myself. Haven't done any selfie while caching lately.
  7. I wonder how the numbers play out when doing a limited radius (like 3 or 5 miles)? Those are some great cities for caching. I hope to take advantage of some in the future. The numbers is only part of it of course (for the sake of a fun thread to talk about). But I was rather proud to see (and build) Tampa's urban core cache count up (right now dense for under 2 mile radius, but growing). It was what got me thinking about this whole thing.
  8. What has been your opinion of the best urban "downtown" cities you've cached in? Can be any criteria. Purely a subjective opinion. I have argued that Tampa has one of the most saturated downtown areas in the country (Portland being pretty dense too). Most shy away from placing caches in the city, but I don't. Between myself a few others, we've made Tampa almost saturated (pretty much was until some recent archiving needed to take place). Of course, saturation doesn't make it the best (unless you just like to find everything).
  9. Form follows function. This is about function and options. It already is a social site. Too late if that is what you think you are avoiding.
  10. Look at Tampa, Florida. One of the best (most saturated) urban cities in the US. Its growing too....with more larger containers too.
  11. I searched and was surprised this hasn't been suggested or added: HASHTAGS # This would a great asset to the forum, and for logging. (May need to split the topic to two threads for discussion of the forum versus logs). Additionally, it would be awesome to be able to do username references using the "@" symbol. This would be a great way to introduce more social type networking within the various platforms Groundspeak offers. This might also help folks discover additional parts of the site (more pages, hint, hint). Of course, users could elect to turn off the feature so their accounts are not referenced/tagged.
  12. I rant about a lot of things...but my rants tend to have tangible value and some level of support by fellow cachers. This issue (acronym logs) is not one. I'm sure it is just a proud cache owner and they desire social validation for their efforts. Popular game...lots of personalities.
  13. Personally, I don't feel it worth driving hundreds of miles for a cache. If I'm traveling hundreds or thousands of miles anyway, I will grab a cache. There are just way more fascinating things in this world than even the most creative cache. Don't get me wrong, not knocking others who feel differently and I love the game, but I just like to have a very high value of return if I'm gonna travel.
  14. I approve of this change. I would support doubling the times in a future revision of the rules. I would support limiting any single user to X number of events per day (X being determined by popular vote).
  15. Update: I've started a second account, keeping the main account (@stormitecture) focused on weather. Now, the geocaching related posts will be at @stormitecture_too
  16. This forum is pointless for constructive discussion. I posted multiple times in a constructive and positive way. 90% of the time the post is ignored and the bickering between one or two folks continues on. Almost all forums these days are just for entertaining trolling and ranting.
  17. They outsell them, and most events I've attended or view images of...Jeep WAY more common. Remember the whole Jeep Travel Bug thing!!!! Sorry...but this time, you are just wrong. Wait...I forget, you are in Canada aren't you. They are popular in the Northwest. Colorado too. Not that it representative of the members, but someone take a picture of GS HQ parking lot. I wager more Jeep than Subaru.
  18. You just need to find a new hobby. Still no issues with new users with HUNDREDS of caches placed...ALL non-premium traditional caches. And this is Florida...not exactly the pinnacle of disciplined citizens. Why? I still really enjoy geocaching, and there's an easy work-around to the muggle problem. You do still enjoy the game. Hard to tell.
  19. I'd voice stronger but that is against the rules so that is as insulting as I can get. I should blog more.
  20. They outsell them, and most events I've attended or view images of...Jeep WAY more common. Remember the whole Jeep Travel Bug thing!!!! Sorry...but this time, you are just wrong. Wait...I forget, you are in Canada aren't you.
  21. Yeah, GPSs are just compasses. Pretty much. In your world though, you must think GPSs cure cancer!
  22. 100% disagree. Multi-caches are fine! I do agree the icon color could be changed....maybe purple or brown
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