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numbered but untrackable geocoins?!?!?

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:D What is a numbered but untrackable geocoin?


swag :D


There are tons of geocoins out there that aren't trackable on geocaching.com. usually they are used as gifts for other cachers, traded with other cachers or left in caches as swag. Tracking adds quite a bit of cost to the coin so a cacher making a coin with no intention of selling it (to sell it in the forums, it needs to be trackable) might make it non-trackable knowing that most people won't set it free to travel anyway and there's no need to track when it sits in someones collection at home. Numbering is an option in minting, it adds a little bit of cost but not nearly as much as tracking, some choose to do it, some don't. It's done to differentiate the different coins of the same type from each other, 1 of 250, 2 of 250, etc.


Before keeping it in your collection, make absolute sure it's a Numbered Untrackable coin! Some older coins' tracking numbers are 3 digits. If it's trackable, the sentence (or a close variation of) "Trackable at geocaching.com" will appear somewhere on it. Check the rim too! Sometimes it'll be there so not to detract from the design :D


If it is indeed untrackable, then enjoy your new coin :D Make sure to trade fairly though, a non-trackable coin is a nice piece of swag :D

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