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Is there a dash-mounted GPS that is Geocache capable?

PA Oil Man

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Is there a dash-mounted GPS that is Geocache capable? Preferably a Garmin that can be loaded with the topo software. I have a Garmin GPSMap 60cx, but I'm thinking of getting something for my wife that she can use in her Jeep while driving to find addresses (she makes visits to people's houses for work), but is also capable to use on backroads and to geocache.




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Thanks guys. Do you know if you can actually put latitudes and longitudes into thes Nuvis? I've seen some of the dash GPSs from a few years ago and they had no idea what a lat or lon was - only street addresses.




Yes you can. Also the info mentioned in the previous post is not needed. The 500/550 series has its own geocaching mode similar to the Dakora/Colorado/Oregon's and all you have to do is drop the .GPX files on the device. It will show full description, hints, etc... You can still use GSAK if you want though.

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My girlfriend has a 205 and we tried to use it once with awful results. You can enter lat/long but it was not accurate and it keps trying to lock us onto a road which was next to the path. It really was not designed for hiking/geocaching and is made for driving.


Im sure you can use it if you must but I would look elsewhere. Also for maps I am not 100% sure but I see no reason you cant load topos on them. The only problem I see is the nuvi only has 2GB of memory and with the road maps it takes up almost all of it so you will need to add a seperate memory card.

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Thanks MustangTim,


I'm thinking of these as gifts - one for my wife and one for my dad. My wife does a lot of driving for her work and gets on back roads a lot, though not off road or on tiny forestry roads. And she needs something to get her to an address. Dad's use would be just for fun.


I already have a GPSMap 60cx, which I love and use all the time in my truck and for geocaching. My wife and dad are not interested in caching, but I was wondering if the Nuvi 205 would be suitable if we wanted to.


For the price difference, I think I will try a 205, then maybe later get a more advanced one for myself.


Thanks for all your help!

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