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  1. If you want to reach many geocachers from NYC check out the NYC geocaching group on Facebook. 950+ members.
  2. This is the answer I was looking for. If you need any beta testers feel free to let me know. Thanks Jeremy By being a part of the beta - it's not yet released. But no worries, it should be out in a couple months. I'm finishing up some stuff on the server side before I can send out one more beta for testers and then putting it up on Google Play.
  3. I am using BenchMap v1.25 . How do I update to V2? Thank you *Jeremy*
  4. With the 31 days of caching in August someone asked me if I (cache owner) had one of my caches found everyday in August. I was wondering if there is a way to figure out the the most consecutive days that a cache owned by me was found. Not a specific cache but rather any cache that I own. Thank you *Jeremy*
  5. Are you addicted to Geocaching? Are you interested in Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) in New York City? Our group has brand new cachers to very experienced cachers. (20,000+ finds) Need a question answered, want to find a caching partner? Check us out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYCgeocaching/
  6. Check out the NYC Geocaching Facebook group. The group has newbies to cachers with 20'000+. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYCgeocaching/
  7. Thank you. I didn't know Cr was a free download.
  8. I have been using CR to get my queries from GC.com to my PN-40. I have a friend who just bought a PN-40 and does not have CR. Can anyone give me step by step instructions for him? He is new to geocaching and I am not sure of his computer skills. Thanks *Jeremy*
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYCgeocaching The group is made up of anyone that is interested in caching in New York City. We have very experienced cachers to newbies. The atmophere is very friendly. Join us! *Jeremy*
  10. 1. After you log in you should click on your GC name in the upper right corner. 2. Now look down under your GC name and you will see a section called Premium features 3. Go to "set up notifications" 4. Click on Learn how to add a notification *Jeremy* PS: Congrats on your first FTF
  11. http://coord.info/GC17MX1 Bridges & Arches of Central Park This one took me 2 visits although it could be done in one day. You will see more of Central Park than most New Yorkers. I was born and raised in NY and never saw most of these locations. I took some really good pictures here. The CO is a great help if you get stuck.
  12. When I try and print the map off the geocaching.com website I don't get the entire map. Can anyone suggest a good way to print maps from queries or from a search? Thank you. *Jeremy*
  13. I recently started caching with a fellow cacher and I have around 1000 finds while he has near 700. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to merge our finds so that we can look for caches that neither of us has found. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  14. I just had the same problem. Thank you jsdad for the information. My PN-40 is working. Jeremy *Jeremy* This happend to me once when I let the unit with rechargeable Nimah batteries run all the way down. From the Delorme web-site try: Press: Page+ Mark+Enter+Power all at the same time. Release all but the power button. Keep holding the power button for a few seconds. This should cause the unit to go into a "hard reset/power up".
  15. I contacted Groundspeak and they deleted the coin. Now I started from fresh and was unable to register the coin with what I was told was the correct number:( I had to track down the coin which was in a cache near an airport and getting ready to travel. The original number was correct although I can see why the 5 was mistaken for a 6. I had to take a picture of the coin and enlarge it just to make sure the number was a 5. I added a piece of paper with the tracking number so cachers in the future don't have a similar issue. Thank you to everyone that replied. Jeremy N2BUF
  16. Thank you everyone. After checking with the person who has possession of the geocoin I did make an error. I have emailed Groundspeak and will hopefully straighten this out. Jeremy N2BUF
  17. If I activated a geocoin and put in the wrong tracking number is there a way to fix it? I am not sure I did this. I am having the person in possession of the coin verifying the tracking number. Thank you. Jeremy N2BUF
  18. I have a Nuvi 350 AN and I have been able to put caches into the gps. Once I find a cache I would like to remove it from my gps. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks Jeremy N2BUF
  19. I'm glad I asked I am shopping around and the cheapest I have seen lately is $229. If anyone comes across it for cheaper don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you and Happy New Year and Happy Geocaching. Jeremy N2BUF
  20. I am planning on buying a Delorme PN-40 GPS. I noticed that they sell the unit and then they sell a bundle which comes with the Cache Register. Do I really need the Cache Register? Is it worth getting the bundle Bundle? Bundle includes DeLorme PN-40, Eartha Geocion and Cache Register I think I saw the GPS for $229.99 and the bundle for $299.99 Thanks, Jeremy N2BUF
  21. I use the Nuvi 350 and yes you can put in longitude and latitude.
  22. I thought that would be the case. I figured I would give it a try in case someone came up with a way to track it on geocaching.com Thank you. Jeremy N2BUF
  23. I activated a geocoin at XSNRG and would like to add it to my profile on geocaching.com. Can anyone tell me how I do this? Thank you Jeremy N2BUF
  24. http://www.geocaching.com/notify/ THANK YOU!
  25. Is there a way to be notified of new caches or do I have to look up my state everyday? Thank you. Jeremy N2BUF
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