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Better maps on my new etrex?


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Im new to this great hobby and after some geocaching with my iphone, I decided to buy an etrex legend HCx. I got a great deal on one, found it on sale for $148.


The first thing I noticed is that the maps are very... plain. After reading until my eyes hurt, I'm still not 100% clear on whether or not it is possible to get my maps to look more like the GeoCaching.com iphone app:



(This image is a screen capture of my own iphone. I just want to make my etrex look similar.)


Out the box, the etrex doesn't show terrain and streets. It only shows major highways. If I understand correctly, if I want streets I need to buy them from Garmin for $99? And if I want terrain maps, I have to pay yet another $99?


After making a short story long (sorry), my question is, Is this the only way? I'm not willing to spend $200+ on maps for a $150 GPS...

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You can buy Garmin Topo maps for your HCX or download FREE maps via OPEN STREET MAPS

These are not as good generally as the ones you buy but are free. I believe that in the states they are available from "gpsfile.depot" or something like that.

Down load then to a SD card having changed the file name as per instructions and you should be away.

Detail will vary depending on the contributers from you area.

Hope this helps

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