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Holy giant acorns, Batman!

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Seen a nano inserted in an acorn once. The CO gave up the concept after replacing it 3x due to squirrelmugglage. Assumed of course, no one ever saw this happen but it's a likely scenario this time of year.

If you do manage to drill it out cleanly you might consider tethering it.


Editing to add a linky to a really biiiig acorn.

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I picked up some large acorns this year with the same plan. I gave up.


A friend makes jewelry from acorns, and she suggested boiling it first to kill off any "passengers" insides. (Ew!)


I bored out one of the acorns I brought home, and there's scarcely room for a blinkie (nano) under the cap. Then how do you attach the cap? And where do you hide it that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, or blow away, or get eaten, or or or?


Nah, I gave up the idea. I might use it as the template for a big container made of Good Stuff expanding foam, but not on its own.

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So there's this tree in the park across the way that drops HUGE acorns. The one I've got right now is an inch and a half long. I've got its cap and everything. IF I were to make an evil micro out of it, how well do acorns do? The shell is just under an 8th of an inch thick. Thanks!


If anyone is interested, the tree is probably a Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa).

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