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Case for Oregon


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Further to the recent discussions regarding the Oregon - I've recently picked up one after agonising over the vast array of choices out there. Very happy with mine so far, even if the navigation routing is sometimes baffling!


Anyway, if anyone is looking for a cheap but good quality case, this Crumpler one is currently very cheap at £4.99 inc delivery and is a perfect fit for the Oregon! There's space for an extra card in the mesh pocket and 2 spare batteries. The divider inside also protects the touchscreen. Available in cream and red!



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:rolleyes: Just had mine delivered today, thanks for the heads up. Bargain of the year at £2.99 inc postage. Fits the Oregon perfectly inc spare batteries etc.


Hear Hear! Ours arrived yesterday and they fit nicely. The case is slightly bulkier than I thought from the photo but as with any Crumpler, its really going to protect the unit, hold the spare batteries and all the SD cards with different maps on!

Thanks for letting us all know!


However it wasn't pretty when i picked it up, it landed on a stone and the screen had shattered!

Sorry, I don't mean to rub it in! At least they'll give you a refurb! Any change of an accidental damage insurance claim?

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