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It's very exciting!

Crafty Turtle

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I got my first cache hidden just in time for the town market day. A couple of people have found it and the reports say they liked it. :D


PHEW! I'm so glad, cos when you are new to something and you're amongst folks who have 1000+ finds, you tend to get a bit nervous. :rolleyes:


I'm all fired up for my 2nd hide now. :D WOOHOO!


I feel worthy of the title "geocacher" now. :wacko:

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I've made one hide, but it hasn't been found yet. I think it's because no one in my area caches with kids.


I hid a micro because my caching partner is my 11 year old son and he doesn't like micro's because he can't trade anything in one. So, I put a travel coin in there and something else and asked that an older kid find it. It's not an ALR as those are unacceptable now, I just wanted to make it fun for another kid my son's age. It's been posted for about a week now, and no go.


It's not a quick cache and dash either. I put it in a park that my son, our dog and I frequent and in some areas it's a hard walk. So that might be against me, too!


As it's my first hide, I'm anxious to hear about it as well.

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