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  1. Hi all, Where do I update the information needed for geocaching.com to send me notifications of new cache's published? I have changed my address and home coordinates, but I am still getting emails from my previous address. I cannot find where I selected the mile radius. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone. I recently moved from NE Ohio to NW Michigan. I updated my home coordinates but I am still getting emails for newly published caches from my previous location. Could this be because I have two hides down there that haven't been adopted yet by a cacher friend? I have looked through my account details and didn't see where to change the settings for the emails that send out info on newly published caches. Yo
  3. Hi all. I am so bummed right now. I decided not to join up with a group of caching friends because I want to find the hides, too, not just follow them to GZ and look. I sent my GPS in to get it worked on and am sooo impatient for it's return! While waiting, I decided to get cache info ready in Vantage Pro so I can transfer it to my handheld and go, go, GO! Since the last time I used the software, I've gotten a new computer and now I can't find the darn CD! Is it possible there's a download out there, or is there another way to get the cache info from GC.com to my GPS? Even though Magellan customer service is less than desireable, my Triton 500 is awesome and very user friendly.
  4. Hi all, It seems to me that everyone over reacts and in some cases I think it's warranted. There are some pretty messed up individuals in this world. I don't watch the news as often as I use to because the reporters are just too eager and excited to report somebody's misfortune or tragedy. I think it's probably the same for our first responders. When that adrenaline gets a pumping, I think their body is raring to go for the action, even though it's just over a report of something small under a lamp post. My only experience so far, and I hope it'll ever be my only experience, is when my mom, fighting against breast cancer that had matastized into her bones, found herself off balance when she closed a car door and fell to the ground. My sister, who was already stressed and afraid for our mom and the only one home with her at that moment, panicked and called 9-1-1 after mom said she couldn't get up and that she felt her arm break (her bones were very fragile). I pulled into the driveway as my sobbing sister was still on the phone. To make a long story short, I had a police car and an ambulance and a fire truck come to my house on a quiet, dirt country road. If I had been home I would have calmed my sister down and got my mom into the car and taken her to the hospital to avoid the scene and the bill, but my sister was scared and 9-1-1 is there for when we're scared. I asked the police man there why he and the fire truck came as well and he said it was how they did it. That a unit of each kind is sent because they don't know what they will find when they get here. I tend to ramble on when I write, but face to face I don't talk much! LOL I think education is the key here. On one hand, I'd love to see a news broadcast talk about geocaching and the events, good and not so good, that happen because of it, but on the other, I don't want the hobby so publicly known for my own selfish reasons.
  5. Your hide is about 160 miles from me. My boys and I might find it some day and they will appreciate the location and the smiley they get for being there and it'll all be because of you! It's hard to take criticsm. Maybe this guy was saying it was too easy, thinking it would be found by a muggle. If so, he could have said it differently. Anyway, hang in there, you hid it, rated it, created it the way you wanted to, forget him.
  6. Hi there. Being mellow is a big help to me, especially with city hides. Finding the entrance to a park can be hard sometimes with all that traffic, one ways, U-turns. UGH! LOL That's why I almost always look at Google Earth first. It's a free download on your computer, so if you don't have it, get it! :-D I copy the coords from GC.com and enter them into Google Earth. It zooms me to a bird's eye view, and from there I can see the general location, possible parking areas. If it's behind a business, sometimes Google has the name of the business when you mouse over some kind of icon on the building. Also, sometimes the new Street View can even get you closer to the area before you arrive. Make sure Roads and Street View boxes are checked in the box on the left of Google Earth when it's open. Good luck!
  7. I'm in the area where Geaugal, Portage and Trumball meet. It is an addicting and healthy hobby!
  8. I have had odd looks, curious looks, but no confrontations. I almost always have either my dog with me and a pocket full off poo poo bags or a trash bag and actually pick up trash I see. I've actually gotten smiles for carrying the trash bag. No need for guns in NE Ohio!!
  9. I'm joining three other geoladies for a geocaching marathon near NE Ohio covered bridges! I have to look where they tell me to, though, as my handheld Magellan isn't working. Good caching to all!
  10. Hi all, Go figure I'm with family for the holiday who love to go geocaching and my hand held GPS isn't working! !! My boys and I did four finds on the way up from Ohio. On the fifth one, about an hour and a half after I last had it on, I fired up my Magellan Triton 300, it gave me a Failed to Initialize error. I push the OK button and then it gives me this: Fatal Application Error Application OutdoorNav.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. Program: OutdoorNav.exe Exception: OxC0000005 Address: 00216010 I did find a solution online that says this: Solution for OutdoorNav exe. error Work only for Triton 200 to 500 First u must have an update from VP. 1. If u have update the firmware, Copy all files (not subfolder) on "APP" folder, at C: - Document and settings - "user name" - Local settings - Temp - MVP_Downloads - "Folder Triton" - HDD - APP. 2. Press and hold "Up" + "Light" + "Power" button to turn on. This for run the developer screen 3. If Developer screen show up. Plug and Connect Triton USB data cable into your unit. 4. That can made your PC detected Data storage on your unit which is show on drive (TFAT(F:/E:/G:)). 5. All the files from the "APP" folder u need to paste it to "APP" on Triton Data Storage (TFAT on your windows), <overwriting> 6. Press and hold "Select" + "Esc" + "Power" to shut down. 7. Turn on again and your Triton will be fine as normally. However, I don't think it's relevant for my problem because my GPS doesn't even get past the start up screen before I get the error message. I don't think an update for VP will do me any good right now. Even though my sister has a GPS unit, I am having "Ferdie" withdrawals (and my sis doesn't know what she's doing). LOL If any of you can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I do have a Verizon HTC Droid phone that a fellow geocacher I know uses to find caches, so I know it's possible. But I can only bring up the compass feature and can't figure out the GPS yet. BTW - does anyone know how to change the distance to yards/miles instead of meters and KM? My sis is leaving before me and I'm addicted and need to find more geocaches!! Thanks for any help...I'll be watching this thread like I watch for new publishings!! Yolanda
  11. I always go caching with my geodog, Kit. But my kids are just my kids. LOL We found a Real GEO-Cache hide yesterday in N. Michigan. It actually had a GEO hubcap attached to the lid.
  12. Go back to the geocaching.com website. On the left side menu there's a link for trackable items. Enter the number on your coin there and it will bring up the coins web page. You can learn the goal of the coin and log that you found it. Don't keep it. Try to move it into another cache as soon as you can, one that will help it's goal, if possible.
  13. No kidding. To type it with an S next to a link with a C...makes me wonder if they verify resouces for their stories. I don't like these stories, either. Why couldn't the author put a little more effort into the story then just saying, Check out this link. There are always positives and negatives. They reported a negative, they should have also mentioned a positive. JMO.
  14. Don't be afraid to send other cachers emails via geocaching.com and ask questions about their caches. I did that for a couple I was traveling by on my way through the state to see how far a walk down the trail it would be for the kids and I. We didn't want to spend too much time as we were going to find it while stretching our legs. The CO was very helpful.
  15. Hi all, Last fall I traveled from my home in NE Ohio to Virginia for a family get together. I had about ten caches I think it was thanks to the very nifty PQ feature of geocaching.com that my boys and I found within 2 miles from the freeway on our way down. What I did was just put the closest one in my TomTom One and we drove there. Already had it in my Magellan handheld for when we stopped, found it, got back in the car and entered coords for next cache...repeat 9 more times. I've looked at my TomTom to see if I could create a route from my home to the VA destination with stops at the caches along the way, but I didn't find anything like that. Is this what you all do, or is there another way I can go about it instead? Thanks.
  16. I did get it published late in the year in a park that isn't known for winter activities (rocks and drop offs). I believe it's only been found by four or five people.
  17. Some people read other people's words how they want to read them, depending on how they feel. Written words often cause trouble because you can't interpret the writer's emotions. Sounds like the CO was already feeling bad when he read about the geese chasing someone and then the last entry saying he had to pour water out of the cache. He took simple observations and made them fit his mood. Sounds like he had a good thing going there, but he dropped the ball.
  18. Hi all, When it stops raining again, I plan on putting out a new container for my hide at a local park. I temporarily disabled it and pulled it out. I changed the size of my container from micro to small. It was a micro before because where the log was at, there wasn't any room for trades or pencils. Now it's a little bigger with room for the log, small pencil and small trade items. I also added to the body of the info page that you don't have to go under anything to get it as someone mentioned they were going under things in their logs and getting muddy. I also changed the hint. Should I let my reviewer know what I have done? He approved it back in October.
  19. Thanks all. We actually took the little chain off it, but I'm thinking maybe if we had attached it to something bigger, it would have had a chance. It's like a nickle with a hole in the middle. My son wanted to keep it like that so it would fit in the 35mm film canister we so often find as micro's. We've had many more replies to the email he sent out, but all say they're sorry, but they don't have or that they didn't see it.
  20. I ditto the above. Don't get discouraged! I made a big newbie mistake by looking for a micro my first time because it was the first one listed as closest to my home coords. But even regular and large sized ones can be tough if they are well hidden. Also, when you've searched around the area your GPSr says to be and can't find it, move away and come at it from a different direction. I find that my handheld was off a bit and is now pointint me toward a different tree or whatever. Once you get used to looking for caches, you'll recognize where they probably are and you'll find yourself traveling by places and saying, I bet there's a cache in there, or, this spot is perfect for a cache. You'll even dream about the game! LOL Good luck!
  21. I have been on the hunt for two hides that have interesting cache pages. One I found, one I didn't but plan on going back when it's actually spring outside. GC12BWX and GC1NVXV
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