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2010 Fall Picnic

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Looks like I will be attending.

Will be reserving a campsite, possibly #7.


I'll have to figure out the registration, as the pre-registration link on the cache page doesn't create an e-mail for me, like I think it's supposed to.

Things for tonight....

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Floating Spots - Just copy and paste the registration form into your favorite email generator. There should be several email addresses to email the form to. Just copy and paste that as well.


If you have problems, email me at daggy@insightbb.com.

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Moonshimmer's mama is still in a transitional nursing facility so I may come alone... don't know for sure. I'm trying to send my registration but having problems with my mail server from school. I'll try sending again when I get home. I do want two large T-shirts (which are supposed to be ordered by today).



Also, I wanna play GeoSurvivor again this year.




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Picnic weekend is right around the corner. An email requesting verification of registration information was sent out for all registrations received. If you DID NOT not receive a verification email, your registration was NOT received. Please resubmit your registration or contact Daggy.


Remember, to select a particular campsite post the campsite number on this forum. 501 Gang will be glad to set you up on an open site. Electric is available on a first come, first serve basis.


The team has lots going on to finalize the event but is really excited about the plans for the weekend.

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SWEET! That's in my back yard!


Hey Jaypit! I am fairly new to geocaching but my wife and I really enjoy it! I have even a few of yours I believe ;) Anyway, I have been doing it without a GPS 'cause I cannot afford one right now. Just been zooming in on google maps and going by memory semi-successfully. Anyway, I have been looking for someone with a GPS who can help me hide my first cache. Would you be willing to take me 'under your wing' and show me how it's done? Do you know anyone who would if not?



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