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Convert multi to single

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Can you help ?


Is is possible to change an existing cache from multi to single.


I have a cache where i originally did it as multi to give a point where a box could be placed rather than putting out more nanos. However the placement has proved less than ideal recently so i decided to convert to a nano and put it at the original location of the multi (with a clear conscience as my recent caches have all been non-nano)


Ive updated it all but cant seem to edit the type and so it still shows as a multi - can this be changed ?





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Reviewers used to be able to change the cache type but if I remember correctly they can't do this anymore. I think the only option is to archive the existing and relaunch as a new cache at the same coordinates/


thanks i'll ask one of the reviewers to see.

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The reviewers are technically able to change the type of a cache, but they are also sensitive to the fact that in areas with relatively few multis or puzzles, people are keen for their stats to remain "correct". So once a cache of a given type has been found by a few people, your local reviewer may not be keen to change its type.

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