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Until now I've used Zagg Invisible Shields on my devices and and need to order quite a few screen protectors of various kinds. Somoeone has just suggested ProtectionFilms24.com and their DQC-160 film covers. Price-wise when you include any discounts they work out around £8 cheaper (I'm buying for 12 units) and I would get some free spares, however am I better off paying the extra for the ones I've used and trust?


Has anyone else used these DQC-160 films on their GPS and what are your thoughts? How about on touch screen units such as the Oregon?




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is it £8 for the entire order cheaper or £8 per unit,

the reason i ask is i only paid about £8 for my Zagg for my oregon and after the first i got 30% of my next order

off 3 items and $5 off as well using the discount card from my first order.

I ordered mine directly from Zagg via their website, and i have to say i am very pleased with the function of these screen protectors, and they arrived very quickly 2-3 days.

up until using the zaggs i used Fellows and had to change them regularly, the zagg has been on about 3 months and all is well so far. :drama:

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£8 across the whole order plus i'd have 1 spare cover for each type of device.


I've had the Zagg covers only GPS, phone & camera for a year and s half and only have one small mark on my phone. Very pleased with them. I'm buying for a Scout group so they want to know I'm getting the most cost effective option without getting false economy.

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That does not sound like a bad deal, but i cant give feed back for the other make.

however i feel the Zaggs maybe the better way to go, although i know through my experiences with my scout group that things are tight.

which devices have you gone with?

We purchased Garmin Venture HC for our group which so far have worked for us, but mapping seems to be a pain though :drama: and expensive if you buy it :)

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Hello There,


If you use Zagg screen protectors you don't need any spares, surely that says it all. I've used several brands in the past and always had to replace them some after only a short time. I now have Zagg protectors on three cameras, two PPC's my Garmin 60csx and two mibile phones. The oldest Zagg must be five years old and still as good as new. I do recall at the time it seemed very expensive but it was really worth it.


No I have no association with Zagg at all.




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