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caches missing from pocket queries


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I have a weekly pocket query set for local, ie under 30km from home, I also get notification of new caches and the weekly update from Groundspeak. I often notice that caches are missing from one or other of these. The weekly notice usually has several caches not in my pocket query. Any ideas?

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It does seem from time to time that notification emails either get lost in the system or are never sent.



Have you set up a notiication for each type of cache that you get in your PQ? You have to set a notification for each cache type.



With your PQ again have you got it set for each cache type you are getting a notification for?

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I'd only expect the two to be the same if the two reports were run at exactly the same time. The PQ queries the database at near enough the time of sending but I expect that the weekly list is generated then added to the email which is then sent at a specific time which of course could be mins, hours or even days after it was first generated.

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