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  1. For the avoidance of doubt the cache is within a few feet of a main road and therefore there should be no concerns as to anyone's safety which is of course paramount. The red dot in the picture below is a reasonable estimation as to its location.....
  2. Just copy the co-ords to the clipboard then open up google maps and paste them into the search box. click search and there you go.......
  3. It means that V8 of GSAK will be able to access some of the Groundspeak data directy from Groundspeak's database.i.e. PQs you have already run (not your finds though) , updates cache logs, refresh cache descriptions/hints etc plus be able to download caches directly without running PQ's
  4. Suggest you add a post to the following forum as most of the Edinburgh crew hang out there:- http://geofrees.org/Forum/index.php?board=5.0
  5. Suggest you vist Geofrees Forum as that is where most of the Scottish cachers hang out.
  6. To start with I thought my Oregon 450 was ok with 4.80 but as I zoomed in the icons just vanished (using the Garmin GB UK Discovery Map) Back to v4.50 and al is well
  7. Last time round it was ONLY previous UK mega event committee members.
  8. The Oregon Wiki now has a section for Montana questions so click here to see some of the issues found so far.
  9. Hi Sarah Most of the Scottish cachers prodominantly use a local forum called Geofrees so you would be best to register there and and add a post as you will probably get a better responce than here. There are also a fair number of events comming up and so why not come along and introduce yourself and the rest of your team. see here :- http://geofrees.org/...x.php?board=5.0
  10. A little bird tells me that on Friday the One Show on BBC1 is likley to have an an item about Geocaching.
  11. I have an Oregon and on the device I have 3 maps sets: the origonal topo one, the TT one (based on OpenStreetMaps) and the OS 1:50k maps. As you have seen the TT maps and the OS ones are similar however my experience is that within built up areas there is not much difference (actually the TT ones are slightly better here) however out in the countryside the TT ones have significantly less detail than on the OS ones. I therefore tend to use the OS ones for everything so if you have the budget for the OS maps, and regularly head off into the coutryside, then Ifind them to be a worthwhile investment. .
  12. Scotland's first (15th dec 2000) and still going strong GCF0 .
  13. Note sure which program you are using for caching with your blackberry but most of the blackberry apps have the licence key tied into the devices PIN number so that the licence can only be used on one device. (Each blackberry has a different PIN number) What you will need to do is go back to where you purchased the licence key from and see if they have a mechanism to generate you a new licence key with your new PIN number . If not, drop an email to the people who wrote the software.
  14. Over the last couple of days I've found out (the hard way) that the new TomTom Go 1XXX and VIA ranges currently synchronise up via a new online tomtom application and don't have either an SD card interface or appear as a USB drive when connected to your PC. This effectively renders them completely useless for downloading custom POI's to (i.e. caches) from GSAK or other sources. TomTom have allegedly indicated that they plan to update the operating system on these at some point during the first quarter of this year to resolve this, but until then I cant see any way to electronically download data to these devices.
  15. I beg to differ, the only big fonts in forums that I have seen so far are on this site. Yes, there may be a place for big fonts but its not in forums with hundred of thousands of posts . I'm all up for a change but not when its detrimental to its usage. The new style has rendered the use the forums on a PC/Laptop using the worlds most popular browser to be unsatisfactory. If you like the big fonts then that great and I'm sure that TPTB could add a style to cater for this requirement however it would be much better if the standard style was changed so that a reasonable number of topics could be viewed at once and when you open up a topic you can see a few posts all at the same time. With the styling at present to get to the UK section of the forum I need to turn the mouse wheel 12 times. I fail to see how this can be seen as 'progress'
  16. Yes that would work but I don't have to do that on any other forum or website I use so it would be far better that the design is changed to be compatible with everything else. Using Ctrl/+ and Ctrl/- is fine for a temporary fix but its not a long term solution.
  17. I'm sure you've probably already tried - but you can resize the font in IE (and Chrome) by pressing the CTRL key and using the scroll wheel on your mouse? Its a wide screen laptop with the resolution set to 1366 x 768 - which works great on every other forum I use without the need to mess about with the CTRL key. Yes using CTRL and scroll (reducing it to 70%) makes it better why should anyone have to do this to fix what is after all a style sheet coding issue. .
  18. It might look great on a mobile device but using my laptop its almost unusable using Internet explorer as the font is too large and there is too much wasted space. Google chrome and firefox are better but Internet explorer is after all still the most popular browser so you would expect to be able to use it. (its a wide screen laptop with the resolution set to 1366 x 768 - which works great on every other forum I use)
  19. This is what I see - completely unusable note the font size on the page in comparison to the text on the toolbars.
  20. I completely agree with this, also I have to use IE8 as my browser and get javascript errors when using the forum on every page. Unfortunately due to the size of the font coupled with the large amount of white space everywhere I can only see 8 topics or 2 posts at once. Using the same PC with google chrome or FireFox then it looks better (more showing on the screen) but at present with IE8 it takes too long to scroll down to read anything. .
  21. That might be your browser settings - I get 19 threads to a screen.... That may be but I dont have any issues on any other forum I use . (looks like its browser dependant, its more usable in Chrome and Firefox but not so good in IE8 - which I use all the time)
  22. It looks lovely but the font is so large, and there is so much wasted space, it makes it unfrieldly and difficult to use. It used to be quick to scroll up and down but at present I can only see 8 topics or 2 posts at a time
  23. For the avoidance of doubt, the devices use Garmin's wireless technology which is not based on Bluetooth or Wifi but a technology called ANT+. see here for more info. Also this link gives a good insight into how to set up the device.
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