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bandana TB


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It could be, but I've seen many a TB made of cloth that takes on a moldy smell after a while. Sometimes it takes on just plain mold. Maybe you could add "Please launder between caches" to your TBs goal. ;)

I have part of an old TB here, that was switched out, made of soft plastic on top of my computer here. That isn't even cloth and still smells. But I can't seem to make myself throw it away, it traveled so far!

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There is always our own Miss Jenn's H2G2: a towel Those logs will tell you what a piece of cloth can go through. ;)


Hers was based on a book. You could add the list of the many uses for a bandana to yours, see who can use it the most different number of ways.

Who can come up with new uses. Have people add bandanas to its lanyard/cable/chain. You could have fun with it.


Here's one that asks people to sign it. I found a couple others that are bandana, using that keyword, but two haven't been released yet, and the other has gone 826 miles.

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