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9/11 Awareness Geocoin Online Forum Giveaway

Odyssey Voyager

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Hello forum friends! To raise awareness and in recognition of the memorial date of 09/11/01, I would like to have a REAL TIME online forum geocoin giveaway beginning promptly on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 8:15 PM Eastern Time U.S. One lucky forum member will win a FREE "Code 3" Geocoin Artist Edition. Here is a link to a picture of the prize:


"Code 3" Geocoin Artist Edition


I would also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention three very special charity eBay auctions that I am holding this 9/11 Memorial Week. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will be donated to the American Red Cross through eBay's Giving Works and MissionFish. Please spread the word and bid if you can! Just click on the links below for more information.


"Code 3" Geocoin Set Charity Auction:


eBay Auction


"Code 3" Geocoin Limited Edition Charity Auction:


eBay Auction


"Code 3" Geocoin Mint Error Charity Auction:


eBay Auction


So please join me here on September 11th promptly at 8:15 PM Eastern Time for all the geocoin giveaway details (I will start a NEW FORUM THREAD for the giveway). The contest will be a Q&A REAL TIME contest and should move along rather quickly, so don't be late! Mark your calendar and set your watches! See you all then. Thank you and...NEVER FORGET.


~Odyssey Voyager~


P.S. Can the forum moderators please leave this thread open until the end of the auctions on 9/11/09? Thank you.



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What a fantastic idea......not sure what the time will be in the uk when this takes place but good luck to all that can make it.

Sure i will be bidding on the ebay coins.



thank you all for browsing the charity auctions. i apologize to our european forum members about the giveaway time, as it will be well after 1 A.M. for those of you that log in from the UK, however on a bright note, it will be 8 A.M in sydney, australia and 10 A.M. in perth! :anibad:



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Hmm... so it will be 3:00 AM in Greece.... (Just to be sure, right now it is Saturday 15:33), I will try to be here my friend!


The coin is beautiful! I didn't know this coin! Is that yours??

I love your other coin too! WOW! Dourios Ippos and it has the shape of a ancient greek helmet and the motivs on it is the anthemia (flower design that ancient greeks used)! WOW! This coin is so Greek!! :anitongue:


Oh.... 9/11.....

I do not think anyone will ever forget that day!!! It was the day we all were Americans! It was a crime against humanity!!! I remember that when the first airplane crashed in the tower I was about to go to wotk after my lounch break! we were all freezed and socked! We didn't know what was going on! Such a huge accident??? I had to go to work so I left home!

I went to work but none was out... none was walking or wanted to go for shoping...of course!!!!! We were all in TV's or radios (if we were at work)! When the second airplane crashed.... We were desperate too! Was that a begining of a war??? It cound;t be an accident too!!!

that day we left from work early! Who had the strength to work??? almost all, had a friend, a relative... someone who was there!!! If not... Everyone there was like a relative...brothers and sisters from the other part of the world!!!


At home TV had nothing else except this! there were no other news! Of course!!! I saw waht happent and it was like I was seeing a sciense fiction movie!!! Unfortunatelly it was real and not.... :anibad: So many lost....


One of my cousins had a restourant close there... he sold the business a couple of months ago! An other cousin of mine left Pentagon (military man) only 15 minutes before the crash there!!! Many of his friends..... :laughing:


I do not think there were Greeks in the dead, but in times like that, countries do not exist! We are all one country, one nation who is mourning for the loss of all that innocent people!!!


Policemen, firement.... Earth saw so many heroes in one place... that day!!! Men who risked their lives to save people who didn't even know! These are the pure heroes!!! Many lost their lives so others can live!!!

May all rest in peace, and be sure none will ever forget them and what happent!!


Sorry if I have spelling or grammar mistakes!

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Hello Odyssey Voyager,

Are you the original Artist of this coin?

If so I want to thank you for a wonderful tribute to all of the Men and Women who gave so much wo gave all.

I first came across one of these coins at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville PA.


Well this day we went as we had before at Ground Zero, and the Pentagon and stood in awe of what these Heros did, but this day we went inside to hear the Ranger's story, she gave names, where people were sitting, where they were going, and why they were on the flight, SHE MADE IT PERSONAL.

When we came out I looked at the names on the benches again, but different, I looked at what had been left, by others and how personal these things are, If you have been there you will understand.

I was just overcome I sat on the benches and wept, yes I wept, and not a tear down my check but more it was so moving, after hearing the Rangers talk I can never look on that ground again in the same way I see men and women HERO's all I see stories and faces, and HERO's yes HERO's not only did they save the lives on those in Washington, but 2 seconds later the plane would have hit the Shanksville School house.


On that day I also saw a Geocoin encased in a resin with a message:

This is the "code three geocoin" limited edition coin that was designed and produced to honor the 6th year anniversary of September 11, 2001. Some of the proceeds from the coin were donated to the Red Cross of America and some were used to send care packages to our troops in Iraq. We made our first visit to the sight a couple weeks ago, (shame on us), and were deeply moved by being there. The amount of items and the thousands of thoughts and prayers written by those who have been there on anything they could find is incredible. We had a NEED to place something here and decided this coin fit the situation and would give others a chance to share their thoughts and feeling by logging their discovery of the coin. "WE WILL NEVER FORGET"


Here is a link to that coin:

Code 3 Geocoin


I will own one of these coins one day, and put it in a place of HONOR, to remember the HERO's of Flight 93.


Thank you for that coin.

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I first came across one of these coins at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville PA.



thank you for your story. i've read so many uplifting stories associated with the "code 3" geocoin. i was also very moved when geocachers "BVnLJ" placed their very own Limited Edition "code 3" geocoin at the site of the United Flight 93 crash. This "discovery only" geocoin is now archived and will become part of a permanent Memorial Tribute Display to the Heroes of Flight 93. i hope to someday have the Honor of "discovering" this geocoin myself, in person, as i pay my respect at the Memorial.


i hope you join me here on 9/11/09 for a chance to win a "code 3" geocoin. best wishes.



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Is anyone really unaware of 9/11? :anibad:



i know this is a rhetorical question and meant purely as "tongue in cheek" on your part, but i'm glad you posted this. there are those in this country and around the world, that want us to "move on" from all the 9/11 memorial events. i can understand the desire of many to not want to "re-live" that tragedy over and over every year. my heart is very heavy, too. i lost many brother firefighters that day, the largest loss of firefighters in history, and it should ALWAYS be recognized. so, when i use the term "awareness" when referring to this geocoin, i use it to emphasize the SIGNIFICANCE of the event, not to pretend that someone may not know what occured on that day.



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On this day, I remember. I remember where I was when it happened. I remember watching in horror as the towers fell. I remember friends losing friends and loved ones. I remember how silent the skies were for many days afterwards. I remember the tears. I remember this, and think about those lost all the time, not just on 9/11. No one could forget. As Gatoulis said, on that day, everyone was an American, everyone was touched in some way.


So, keeping all the families, and friends of those lost in remembrance, I close this thread at the request of the OP.

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