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make your own geocoins

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Hmmm...to answer your question: yes, you can....but it's not cheap to make your own geocoin :P:) It costs a lot of money. You need to cantact a shop and they will make the coins for you and arrange the tracking numbers with Groundspeak.


Thats the reason why i didn't make my own coin, although i have many ideas :P

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Yes you can make your own geocoins, a few people here have used different techniques to do so; tiki, d22_fluke (or something like that :P), scavok, to name a few. Some were nontrackable and others were trackable.


If you mean have a design minted by a geocoin vendor, then follow the advise below to help you get started. A great way to learn is also to research the geocoin threads.


If you want to make your geocoins you will need to purchase the tracking numbers from Groundspeak. You can find all the information above in the pinned threads.



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See the Pinned Topic


Yes, you can make your own by hand a few people have done this and ended up with absolutely gorgeous, unique coins. Or you can have them minted by one of the sellers in the approved vendors list. You can also go through the mint directly, but it's a lot easier to have one of the vendors help you! All most* of the mints are in China, so there can be a bit of a translation problem getting everything you want conveyed. The approved vendors are experienced in dealing with them and know how to say things to get what you want done. I'd recommend starting with your favorite vendor, someone who makes coins you like. See if they offer minting services for personal coins, some will even sell a design they like through their store and then give you some coins for free as payment for the design.


Whether you make them by hand or have them minted, if they are trackable, the design will need to be approved by Groundspeak (if they are non-trackable, they can be discussed here, but not sold) If a vendor helps you, they will take care of this, if you make them by hand you'll have to email your artwork to Bryan at Groundspeak before you get started. Bryan will also sell you the tracking codes (a vendor can also take care of this part). If you're only making a small number of coins, you may want to use the tracking numbers off of travel bugs, it's more expensive per coin and you can't have a unique icon this way, but tracking numbers for coins are sold in larger groups. I'm not sure what the number is now, it's changed a couple of times, I think you need to buy 50 now (it used to be 250) for an icon, though more will make it more economical on a per coin basis, b/c the lump cost is divided between all of the coins.



*I think the Alaska coin was minted in Alaska and I believe there was a South African coin minted in South Africa; but the vast majority are minted in China because the Chinese mints will do a lot of wackier things than the American mints, like fine detail, tons of colors, hinges, and of course smaller number runs

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You will not be able to pick and choose your own tracking number. Those are numbers issued by geocaching.com for use with their tracking system, and so many have already been handed out. Please start by reading the pinned threads at the top of these forums before you proceed further. You'll get a better understanding of geocoins from them. Then you can read through some of these threads where the very same question has been asked, and some followed through on it, so you can see how the process went. There is a handy little search window in the bottom left corner that lets you search only the geocoin forums.

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It was not clear on this, can i make my own geocoins?


To answer both your questions.

You can make your own geocoins. No problem.

You can pick and choose your own tracking numbers, subject to reality.

First this site assignes numbers. You may get to choose a prefix, but the rest of the number is assigned. Second:Other sites do the same.

Third:If your number series makes any kind of sence you can actually register them on at least one site (I haven't looked to see if they are still around) and track them that way. Easiest tracking is on this site since you don't have to create an account.

Fourth: If you don't care about tracking on a site you can have someone email you your code via a PM. Then you can use whatever code you want on the coin.

Fifth: some limitations crop up with coin makers.

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How do I register codes with Groundspeak, if I decided I wanted to mint geocoins as a business??


You don't register codes with GS. You BUY their codes from THEM. There are requirements and restrictions that go along with creating coins and trackables.


Read the pinned topic above: Groundspeak's Current Coin Tracking Policy - Coin Tracking Requirements

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