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British Columbia 2009 Geocoin


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Landsharkz are proud to present the British Columbia 2009 Geocoin!


The ICON is a First Nation bear and the coin is trackable on geocaching.com.


This is the fourth coin in a 5 coin series of British Columbia coins. The final coin in the series will be released early in 2010 and will have a green outside ring to complete the set :) .


This yellow-ringed coin is 45mm x 3.5mm 2D and 3D and displays a Black Bear and an Okanagan vineyard scene with a lovely old wagon in the foreground. The coin is polished nickel with imitation hard enamel and soft enamel paint.


Thank you once again to our friend Tom Spetter (cyandesign.ca) for creation of the lovely First Nation art.




Direct Link to BC 2009 sale page


The coin is $10.00 CAD each.

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In 2010 this set will be complete!


2006 = blue ring

2007 = black ring

2008 = red ring

2009 = yellow ring

2010 = green ring


It's a 5 year plan that was started with the first design in fall of 2005 when we sketched the 2006 BC coin with the orca and Fraser Valley scene .


We couldn't put all 5 coloured rings on a coin together, but there's nothing to say we can't make 5 separate BC coins and display them in the correct format :) . Optional custom display cases will be available with the final coin release.

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there's nothing to say we can't make 5 separate BC coins and display them in the correct format


They might just argue you on that, they seem to think they own just about everything anyways. :D


Also, the sales parts of your site seem to be down.

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aniyn, we have a copy of the official volume of rules and regulations regarding the logos, usage (NOT), licenses, contracts, etc. They do have a lot to say and carry a big stick!


BC may be hosting a world class sporting event, but unless you've paid millions you dare not breath a word of it! There are words we can't put together on a page, colours we can't use in combination with certain words, etc. Even if you do any work for them you would not be allowed to breath a whiff of it anywhere - heck we could be doing the blinking medals and we couldn't say a thing! It's funny how the rules work and who is allowed to say what to whom.


Aside from that, we are confident that we're on the up and up with this 5 year coin series. How people choose to display them is up to them ;-).

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Are you going to be releasing the collectable version in the velvet box in this coin?


And the key chain and pin to match this and the BC red 2008 version too?


thank you

The matching bear pin is following on it's own time schedule, the matching red pin should be on the site :) and we're waiting on the resident photographer to photograph this year's matching collectible version.


We didn't make matching keychains for these last two versions - are you a keychain collector? I think I'm allowed to answer questions regarding non-trackable items when they're part of a 'set', but let's not get carried away, ok and don't ask for links!

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Mine arrived today!! Quick and efficient as per usual.


I must say, this is one beautiful looking coin and I will be anxiously awaiting the final installment next year. I am lucky to have all four to date and consider them to be the anchor of my small but growing collection!


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