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  1. Margaret Atwood a great Canadian Author once stated how she thought it was funny that the beaver was a national symbol in Canada. She went on to explain that this was ironic when put into perspective of Canadian politics and foreign policy; because you see, when a male beaver is threatened by a predator they will chew off their own testacles and offer it up to the predator. Pretty neat eh!!! Unfortunately, the beaver part is only a wise tale! On a lighter note, hockey, hockey and hockey!!!!! (even though basketball was invented in Canada) Islander
  2. Mine arrived today!! Quick and efficient as per usual. I must say, this is one beautiful looking coin and I will be anxiously awaiting the final installment next year. I am lucky to have all four to date and consider them to be the anchor of my small but growing collection! Troy
  3. One right now in the Qualicum Beach area of Vancouver Island that has an extremely large , deceased and headless sealion who is making his final resting place right close to the cache. With the weather as of late, if you hit the cache area at the right time, the smell is very aromatic. I took some pictures on my Iphone, should try to uploas them.
  4. One Coin released and it went missing, released a TB in the same cache and it too went missing.......... A wee bit PO'd; but am willing to try this once more. I am putting together a new cache which will have seven coins in it. Hopefully they will fair better; I wish I would have purchased one of those "Bad Mojo" coins to protect the cache!! Team TeeKay
  5. Well, I just got am envelope today with two coins from the UK. They were sent July 07, 08 and have been held up in customs because they were labelled "game tokaens". Apperently, customs don't like game tokens that have no value?????
  6. Got mine today!!! One word "Wow". These coins are amazing and well worth the wait and money! TeeKay
  7. Chuck, I'll take three when you decide to sell or make them available. Love the coin and would love to add it to my collection and send one out into the wild on the westcoast!! TeeKay
  8. I'm shocked you didn't nominate Victoria??? Victoria is the ultimate, or even Vancouver. What a good way to preview our area to the caching world just prior to the 2010 Winter Games.
  9. I think I had my order in within seconds of it being put up on the site. I was sitting at my computer just after midnight waiting patiently for it to come online!! Then whammo, ordered and a nice addition to my 2006 and 2007 coins. Thanks, another awesome addition to the new, small but growing collection! TeeKay
  10. Completed the task. Here is a picture of the sign. I blacked the numbers out! Will send you an email with your required numbers! TeeKay
  11. After two years, I still can't upgrade the firmware, regardless of version or how I attempt to upload. It is a shame because I really like the Explorists 500. The menu system on it is easy to use and understand. Bought a Colorado to replace, but the sad thing is that the Explorist even without WAAS apperently not working is still more accurate then the Colorado???? Go figure? Magellan should have just stayed with the Explorists line and done overhauls and tweaks then change to the Triton line (IMHO). TeeKay
  12. Neos, Barry is a fishing guide and more then likely uses his GPS for outdoor activities other then Geocaching. I have many friends who have GPS (handhelds) and are not interested in caching. This will explain the low caching numbers!
  13. Believe it or not; Canada has a space program and their mandate is as follows: To promote the peaceful use and development of space, to advance the knowledge of space through science and to ensure that space science and technology provide social and economic benefits for Canadians. Troy
  14. As I understand, that feature is for the Colorado series only!
  15. I like to leave carded Hotwheels. I have boxes of them and they can appeal to both kids and adults. I think soon I am going to make a Geoswag kit to put in my packback. I will probably load it with a variety of items from my local Wally world.
  16. Actually, I had the exact problem with mine. There is nothing else to add to the story. I plugged my unit in to do the upgrade. After an hour of trying to upgrade it still was frozen. Unplugged it and it wouldn't turn on. Tried everything possible to reset the unit and nothing would work. Before this I had nothing but troubles with the unit. It wouldn't lock on sattelites and the navigation feature to get me to caches was never working. Took the unit back to Wally World and exchanged it. I have been extremely busy and only able to get out once with the new unit but it seems to work fine, it also took the update with no problems. I also believe there was an earlier thread started about this was a handful of people having the same problem!!!
  17. Please don't take this the wrong way, but a quick geography lesson of the area will do you wonders. No ferry to Vancouver, two hour drive to the Vancouver from Seattle. You can take a ferry from Seattle to Victoria which is on Vancouver Island. Tons and tons of caches in the Victoria area to keep you busy. As for snow, it is a rare occurence in these areas even during the winter. If you look you will even see the odd palm tree growing on the Island. So, don't worry about packing the winter parkas because they won't be needed!!! Have a good trip, you won't want to leave once you arrive!
  18. I have an Explorist 500 and bought a Triton 500 to replace it. The Triton sucked bad compared to the Explorists! I have returned the Triton and replaced it with a Colorado 300. I really like the Colorado 300, but do prefer many of the features on the Explorists better. I like the file system on the Explorist, it is far superior I think to any file system on any other GPS unit. I hated the way you have to add text and numerals on the Triton, it was cumbersome compared to the Explorists. This was important when adding or editing waypoints on the fly! Buy a Triton and return it if it doesn't meet your standards. One reason why I like to buy my GPS units from Walmart; they are really great for doing returns. Tee
  19. I don't think it is being defensive, more having pride in your community and don't want a bad picture painted for those who read the boards. I think this is a problem in virtually any community you goto in todays society. Obviously going to be more visible in a larger population base! I fortunately have never seen this problem in the wild; however, I am an investigator who works on Organized Retail Crime and drug problems are huge everywhere on this Island (and off). PA might not have as large of a problem, but believe me it is there. Alcohol on the other hand in PA.......................well that is another story!
  20. This is scary! If these problems keep up, I think I'll return my unit and go with a 60CSx. I haven't had a chance yet to field test my exchanged 300, going on vacation and will have to wait until I return!
  21. Every day I see people posting questions that are answered in the printed manuals. Exactly my point! I realize there is a cost involved with a users manual, and have printed the one off for the Colorado. I don't enjoy reading off of my computer. I would rather be able to sit in the yard or on my couch and read a manual the "old fashion" way! But, just my opinion. I think fewer problems would occur, that's all!
  22. Quick question, do people think that problems related to such products as the Garmin Colorado's and Magellan Tritons would be less if the manufactures included full length instructions and manuals with their products. I'll be the first to admit that when I buy something new, I rip it out of the box, fire it up and start playing ("learning"). I try to figure things out as I go. I can't fathom the thought of sitting at my computer reading an online/CD/DVD manual. I would even be okay to have the price increased by a dollar or two to offset the extra cost!! Agree or disagree? Would problems with units decrease in any way from less user errors happening? TeeKay
  23. Did you call Garmin? I know you can sometimes reload firmware on a dead 60 series by holding the rocker switch. Maybe there's a way to do it on a Colorado. Well, being that I bought only two weeks ago at Wally World, I feel having to call Customer Support is unacceptable. Better to return and exchange. Not really mad, my own fault for loading Betaware onto my unit. Should have known better, Betaware never works for me! (I have extremely bad luck when it comes to consumer electronics???)
  24. Well, tried everything! From hard reset to diagnostics to a full reinstall from my run-cmd-066101000230.rgn and nothing works. The unit is useless and done for. Back to the store in the morning! Not having a good electronics month; bought Triton 500 and returned it! My 22 inch LCD monitor died and bought new one last week; it has to be returned because there is a green line down the center of the screen. My daughters computer blew its power supply and now that must be changed. Now to top it off, my CO300 is dead. snomchfun, anything particular you have done to your 300 to cause this that I might have also done? You running any secondary maps? Using a SD card? Anything? Team TeeKay
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