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Niagara Scouting and Guide leaders


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I'm a Cubmaster for my son's Pack. We just did a geo-scouting event for the local Pack and Troop last Monday. We had four 3-stage multis and four single caches hidden around a local park. We had a good turnout and a great time. I'm pretty sure we gained a few more geocachers in the process.

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Im a girl scout leader in the Rochester area .. i know that our council has sponsored a few events for our area. Our service unit just became the owners of 2 different GPSr units for use by the troops in our area to try it out as well. We've even got a troop that placed a cache as part of a badge :)

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I am involved with both cub and boy scouts just outside of Rochester. I have a little activity called geo-snacking. I will hide their snack and have them find it with the GPSr. Can also do multi's and puzzles. The kids enjoy the hunt as much as the snack.

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Hi how many Scout and Guide leaders are out there? If there enough maybe we should put together a caching activity out at Wetaskiwin for next year. I finally tried this after reading an article in the Scouting magazine.


Well, this is a world-wide forum here, and I'm sure you'll hear from Scout Leaders from all over. But If you are asking, as I'm sure you are, about the Niagara Region of Ontario, You'll be much better off joining and posting the question at the website of

The Ontario Geocaching Organization or Niagara's International Geocaching Associates which is on facebook. I have no idea if that link works if you don't have a facebook account though. :)

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