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GPSr that works handheld and in car?

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I am looking for a few suggestions of good GPSr units that work well for geocaching in the field but can also be used to navigate in a car. Anyone have any they would recommend that work well? I just need something basic (not overly pricey or gadget-filled) but that would work for both uses...


Garmin 60CSx, Vista HCx or Legend HCx. All these are great field GPS' plus they have auto-routing, which is very useful for vehicular use. Only thing missing is the voice feature which is replaced by beeps & onscreen guidance.

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Jack of all trades, master of none. There will be tradeoffs everywhere. Handhelds don't do road routing as well as dedicated car models, unless you can plot out the route ahead of time w/ waypoints and/or on computer-based software that you can then upload the route into the unit

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Check out the Lowrance XOG it is a touchscreen trail rated GPSr that is weatherproof and does the voice guided navigation thingy in the car.




It's might not be as good in the woods as a true purpose-built outdoor-handheld model like a Garmin Vista or 60, but it does work quite well. I cache with mine, and my girlfirend has a Vista HCx. The accuracy always appears to be equal with both units.


Best of all you can get it for around $150!

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I have a Garmin 60CSx. It is outstanding in the field, and it works pretty well in the car. The screen is smaller than an automobile navigator, but it is easier to hold closer for viewing. Also you do not get voice directions, but that is not as big an issue as I thought. Entering addresses is a little more difficult, but point and pick entries, such as nearby restaurants, is very easy. Overall, I like it for automobile use. If I had to choose only one GPSr for both uses, the 60CSx would be it.

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