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Actually, I recently discovered that Walmart is now carrying them (1/2" rare-earth magnets) in their craft section. Pack of 4 for somewhere around $3. Look for "Magnetic Neo - Buttons".


PS: Tell 'em "The Geocachers" sent you.

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I bought from an online company before, can't quite remember which one, but I think it is Applied Magnets (a.k.a. magnets4less). I bought a whole bunch of nickel coated and epoxy coated magnets. The 1/4" x 1/16" ones are the ones I find the most useful - strong enough, small enough, not ridiculously strong so that you can use two (or more) in case one drops off. The 3/4" x 1/8" ones are great for making fridge magnets if you have a twisted sense of humor.


Edit : after further searching I think I got mine from Forcefield a.k.a. Wonder Magnets, but I checked and they don't seem to have the epoxy coated ones anymore.

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