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I just don't get it!

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Ok, I have had my Colorado for almost a week. It took forever to figure out how to load the map program but we did. It is registered. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to load my pocket queary into the stupid thing. I have GSAK, but it doesn't list a Colorado as one of the options to export to. I am so frustrated. This was supposed to make everything easier. Can someone please give me some help other than what is listed on the Garmin website (and also linked here) because that doesn't work.....


I just want to geocache, and I can't...so frustrated.

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I just purchased a colorado 300 and I have used GSAK to load files. Open GPS then open setup and then select garmin for brand and then scroll through the models for colorado 300. If it is not there maybe you need to upgrade GSAK. I have locate about 40 caches with the new colorado 300 and it is great having everthing in one unit Iam using the new firmware and no complaints here. upgraded from Vista HCX

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I've used both methods. If you can't "add GPS" and see an option for the CO, you probably don't have a current version of GSAK. We've stopped using GSAK to load caches, just unzip the PQ, on your PC go to "computer", find the Garmin drive, double click, find the GPX folder. Just drop the unzipped PQ (both files) into GPX golder. There is a Wiki Space for both the OR and CO that I've found really helpful. Try www.garmincolorado.wikispaces.com, I've gotten a ton of help and info there.

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In GSAK filter out the caches you want to go for. Then press Ctrl+g. Specify the path and filename for [garmin device]/Garmin/GPX. That's it. Geocaches are in place with descriptions and all child waypoints are stored as waypoints.


Oh yes, the unit must be connected of course and you must be able to see the Garmin usb drive device.

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