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  1. I’m looking on the website, trying to to see where the caches are in Florida. I only use my iPhone to cache anymore, so a PQ doesn’t help. Previously when I opened the page that showed all available geo-tours, it showed a map. Now i see a blank where the map should be. Same thing happens when I open any particular geo-tour. Thanks
  2. I recently took a look at a geotrail in Florida, it shows a box within for a map, but its blank. I've tried several different geotrails, and none will show me maps. I tried zooming in and out, and no luck. As far as I know, I'm not blocking popups or cookies, so I don't think that is the problem. Any one have any ideas?
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    Oh, and one of us is definitely "toil" and the other very much "trouble" 😃
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    Thanks for the reply. We managed to get signed in to the app, by signing to Wherigo.com first. Then, I just tried downloading a cartridge for pocket pc, and that worked. Hadn't tried it because of course an iPhone isn't a pocket pc, but what can you do? We'll get out tomorrow and try our first Wherigo cache
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    Okay, not new to Geocaching, but have never done a Wherigo. We are doing a local challenge, and with one cache flooded, and three Wherigo, looks like we might need one of them. So, we have been caching with the iPhone, works great. We have an Gamin Oregon, but just quit using it because the phone is better for us. We can't seem to get the Wherigo app to open, downloads, but when we try to log in, it says it can't communicate with Groundspeak, can't verify. So, tried the Oregon, but can't find a folder to put the downloaded cartridge to. Any suggestions on first the iPhone because we'd rather use it, if possible. Second the Oregon, will use it if necessary.
  6. I'd like to add my two cents also. We loved having the geocaching app on the Apple Watch and really miss it.
  7. Just my two cents, I love the new app! We have used the old "paid" app for quite a while and it worked great, but now folks can get the same functionality for free! I think that's great. That being said, I'm used to the old app and it is taking just a little while to love the new app as much, but, it gives me the ability to use my Apple Watch to navigate to the cache, how great is that? Remember the "old days" of walking around in public with a huge GPSr and trying to look casual? This has made stealthy, urban caching so much easier. I think the advantages far outweigh the fact that several years ago I paid almost 15 bucks for an app that I will no longer use.
  8. My wife and I retired in 2011, sold the house and moved into our RV. Lived that way until some circumstances grounded us in the South, but we cached all over the US, Canada and Mexico and it was a fantastic experience, we literally loved every minute. Our coach actually burned to the ground about a year ago and we are soon to be looking for a smaller, part-time rig. Can't wait to get back out there and log some serious cache time. Good luck!
  9. There is no "set up" on the Montana, just turn it on, let it find satellites, done. If you don't know how to get caches into it, it's pretty easy. Run a pocket query, connect the device to the Mac using the USB. The Garmin will launch on the desktop. Open the email with the PQ, put the file on the desktop. Open the Garmin folder, drag and drop the PQ into the GPX folder
  10. Well, I had to take care of some business and just got home to check on this discussion. Let me add two more cents. I am half of a cache team, we have over 2k finds in most of the US, started caching with a GPS60 and now use the OR and iPhone. I love the accuracy of the Garmin, love the device as a whole. And running a PQ and having it ready is not too big a deal, but some times you are somewhere that you didn't expect to be, and I do love pulling out the phone and seeing a cache right there, boom! We're retired and travel a lot, I have no sense of direction and am routinely LOST, so it is fun to turn a "where the heck are we" moment into a "hey! there's a cache a quarter of a mile from here" moment.
  11. Just for fun, let's say to had to choose and could only use one device for geocaching, what would it be? For me the choice would be between my Oregon 600 and my iPhone. I have to say, I'd pick the phone. I would give up the durability and accuracy to have the ability to have all caches and the website with me at all times. I would hate to lose the ability to grab a cache "on the fly" where ever I am. I do like not having to plan.
  12. Okay, so no replies, I really need to sell this things, anybody want to make an offer?
  13. For Sale, used Garmin Oregon 300. It has been used, but shows very little wear. The screen has had a protector since day one, so it is perfect. Unit works great. It comes in original box, with wall charger, USB cable, carabiner clip, user guide. The average price I've found online used is $130, so I'd like $120 and I'll pay shipping in the US.
  14. Okay, lets try this again. The best used price I could find anywhere is $542 for this unit. The car kit is $52 new and is in perfect condition. An older copy of City Nav still works great. So, retail this is worth $614. I am lowering my asking price to $450, if anybody want to make an offer, I will consider anything reasonable. I have pictures, but am not sure how to post, so if anybody would like to see photos, just email me and I will be happy to send them. Thanks
  15. The car kit is $52 from Garmin and I would think an older copy of City Nav should be worth at least $20. Look, I'm not expecting to get retail for it, but anybody want to make an offer?
  16. I have a Garmin Montana 650t for sale. Comes in original box with AC charger, USB cable, Car cradle with charger, City Navigator 2009 (card). The screen is perfect, has had a screen protector since day one. The unit works flawlessly, has some minor scratches/dings on the corners of the unit. I've done some research online and prices seem to be still pretty high, so I'm asking $500 for everything. I'll ship priority anywhere in the US for $10.
  17. So, If I don't want to use GSAK, my options would be to create thousands of PQs? I haven't used GSAK in years, and don't even remember how I got the caches into GSAK in the first place.
  18. Well, with my Nuvi, that last time I went to do the map update, Garmin Express told my I didn't have enough space, so I had to load just the US instead of North America. No biggie, unless I leave the country, which we will be doing soon. So, I guess my concern is, with so little space available, I can see a time when there might not be room for a software update. Garmin doesn't make anything user friendly. Also, I have never put caches on the SD card, have alway loaded them to the device, really just trying to cover all bases. If I have everything on a card and it goes bad, I'm screwed, if the device goes bad, there are lot of resources to fix it. I do tend to over-think things and look for problems. It's just been my experience with electronics, more storage is always better.
  19. Okay, so the new Oregon (6xx) can hold up to 4 million caches, right? How the heck would you load that many? We're retired and we travel a lot. So having caches already loaded for several states would be great. But since a PQ can only be 1000 caches, how would one load them to the device?
  20. Thanks so much. Garmin says that City Navigator will overwrite topo maps, if I copy the maps to a sad card and rename them, can I get topo and street maps without having to go to settings and disable City Navigator?
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