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What else can do this?

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Once there was a travelling circus that had, among many other attractions, a dancing bear.


The bear's full name was Pavel Nikoli Sorok. Pavel Nikoli was big and had a voracious appetite, and as one might expect of a bear. It may also be fairly said that he wasn't a very GOOD dancer - but he could dance, after a fashion... and since few people had ever seen a dancing bear they were impressed just the same.


One day the circus came to a small town where there lived a ballerina named Ilyana Phonevich. She was beautiful, educated and multi-talented. Not only could she dance, she could entertain in hundreds of other ways.


The circus owner tried very hard to convince Ilyana to join him, but she was fussy. She didn't want to travel far from her home through backwood and over rough road, she hated wet weather -- and if you thought Pavel Nikoli had a big appetite, well, at least he was happy with a bucket of freshly caught fish. Ilyana insisted on the finest caviar, and lots of it.


Oh wait, that has nothing to do with GPS technology...


Apart from the Delorme PN-40, are there any handheld GPS units that can download and display aerial imagery? I'd like to specifically exclude smartphones like the iPhone 3G and Google/Android devices, just looking at dedicated GPS units.

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The Colorado / Oregon 400c comes with a coastal satellite imagery basemap, but no other aerial imagery available for garmin units unless you cut it yourself and use 3rd party to prepare it. Not sure what the demand would be.




More importantly and arguably more useful, there are 100s of free and premium (routable) road / topo maps for other countries than the USA for the Garmins.

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I'm aware of software that will do it for garmins. I have not tried it so I can't comment. Neither I or my garmin can dance.



Mapwel http://www.mapwel.biz/index.htm can automatically vectorise raster images (such as aerial photos, scanned maps, etc) for compatible Garmin units.


I have used it with some success for loading Google Earth images of small areas where the detail on my topo maps is not good enough (e.g. golf courses etc - it will pick up bunkers, trees, creeks, etc quite well.) It works best where you only need one zoom level - like all raster maps, they look their best at 100% zoom, and pixellate if you zoom in too far, and become over-cluttered when you zoom out. I wouldn't bother using it for large areas, unless you are prepared to scan and automatically vectorise numerous tiles at various zoom factors.


The results are very good if you have the time and patience to manually "trace" over an aerial photo or map to make proper vectorised detail maps of areas of interest, but if you want a usable map in a hurry, the auto-vectorisation is worth a look.


Hope this helps!

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