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  1. Actually land managers encourage digging holes. Ever read some back country hiking etiquette. As for bringing in an invasive rock species that is a different topic. A lot depends on where the cache is located, a public city park versus a back country place of the beaten path.
  2. A lot of people you GSAK or mygeocachingprofile.com to create the page. There are probably other sites or applications that can do it but these two are the ones I am familiar with.
  3. I would guess the size issue is really based on family with kids versus singles or couples with no kids. Keeping the kids interested in the caching game requires something to keep their interest. Just getting to sign a slip of paper isn't seen as fun by a kid. The trading of treasures keeps the kids interested and along for the adventure. I would guess that those that are for a ban on micro/nano are probably familys that cache while those that are for micro/nano caches are cachers with no kids.
  4. Banning the nano/micro cache will probably take care of the power trails as most are made of this type of cache.
  5. This can still be a bad idea to put food out. The person that the prize is intended for may take a couple of days to actually attempt the cache so you might have some unexpected critters that find it first and destroy the cache.
  6. Might depend on how you have the keyword setup. Say it is the name of the business and that business changes names, but if you aren't local you may not be realize that it changed. Or if a name on a plaque but the plaque is removed. If lab caches continue to always be one offs then I would agree with those 2 statements but if they become normal caches, there still can be issues that would need to be addressed with maintenance.
  7. See Post #28 Definitely could not be found or hidden using any of the existing methods. Kind of a vehicle travel bug or an old time locationless type of cache. Probably the best one that has been posted here.
  8. So far from the people that have posted finds in this thread the thing that make lab caches special is the "container". The actual finding could all have been done using the current multi or puzzle cache types. Anyone know of a any new method of actually locating a "cache" instead of using methods that are already available?
  9. I guess that brings up a question on who they are targeting with the lab cache process. A GPS doesn't lend itself to use with a hyperlink while a smartphone can. I am guessing GC is trying to get out of the dedicated GPS game and come up with something for the smartphone crowd. Considering you need the URL to view the listing in the first place, I don't think having to click a URL to get the full lab cache content is an issue. At all. Even with a normal cache you have to click on a URL to get the cache info, but there is the ability to transfer that information to a GPS (paperless caching). With something that has no limits or not structured it would be almost impossible to send this information to a GPSr device. Also that you don't even need coords for a starting or ending position seems to also prove that GC is trying to eliminate the GPSr from their new game. For example I could create the lab cache the could says go to the location of the double yellow arches and enter the name that is listed below them. This could be done anywhere in the world and all without the need for a GPSr.
  10. I guess that brings up a question on who they are targeting with the lab cache process. A GPS doesn't lend itself to use with a hyperlink while a smartphone can. I am guessing GC is trying to get out of the dedicated GPS game and come up with something for the smartphone crowd.
  11. A cool trick is to run the My Find query and loading it in Google Earth and then moving the time bar to see your finds showing up on the map in chronological order.
  12. Even GC's own site says what geocaching is: The Game What is geocaching? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Their lab experiment is a completely different game so it really shouldn't be associated with geocaching. Sounds to me that someone is worried about the M game taking a bite out of their profits and trying to come up with some new twist to offset this.
  13. And I thought caches were supposed to be for multiple people to find and exchange swag (if they so desire). Having something that doesn't requires a location (geo) and contain a container (cache) doesn't really seem to be a geocache. Maybe GC needs to sell the idea to the M game people!
  14. Only found once? This seems very lame and nothing to do with caching!
  15. And I believe the benefit of becoming a Charter Member was that the yearly fee was locked in at $30 as long as you continue being a Charter Member.
  16. This bothered you so much that, you contacted two Reviewers and the CO? She contacted two reviewers, posted a NM on the cache and started a forum thread. Despite all that concern, she still trespassed, found and the logged cache. ??? Need to get that smiley!!
  17. Local news article regarding geocaching. News Article
  18. Caches can be buried, just not listed on this site. Geocaching isn't a sport it is a hobby, sports have official rules. Some would say that stats killed the game of baseball and just gave us highly overpaid ball players.
  19. I agree. There is nothing saying that you can't seek this cache. I also think that Mother Nature was very accommodating to create that perfect ammo can shaped and sized hole. We've found quite a few like that and really enjoyed them. Why does this make the cache more enjoyable than if the ammo can was stuffed under one of the bushes? I was going to ask the same thing. To boot, I've enjoyed nearly every cache but the ones that break the guidelines. Guessing you enjoyed some caches that were placed without permission, which is against the guidelines so you also fail. And you probably didn't even report them to the reviewer that they went against the guidelines.
  20. I have the same issue occasionally. Just zooming in a little more and usually that fixes the issue for me.
  21. Logging online is optional. From Geocaching 101 What are the rules of geocaching? If you take something from the geocache (or "cache"), leave something of equal or greater value. Write about your find in the cache logbook. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com.
  22. Technical speaking it takes 3 things to make a "Find" 1 - Locate the cache, 2 - Sign the log, 3 - Log it online. If a player does only 1 or 2 of the things it really isn't a find according the Groundspeak. So if you are the first to accomplish all 3 of the requirements you would really be the First to Find.
  23. My member id is in the low 2000. I started in January of 2001, although I took a large time off in between now and then.
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