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Activation Codes Needed


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Is there a site somewhere that you can enter a coin name and know the maker of the coin so you can find an activation code more easily?
There is no such site that I am aware of

There have been several attempts to make geocoin information pages

Most have become inactive, mostly due to the huge amount of effort needed to maintain them, and the difficulty of getting accurate/complete information to list


There have also been some tries at making wiki-like sites, but those have fared even less well, since they rely on the vast array of coin creators/owners/makers to keep the information current, and participation has been what I would call spotty at best


My sense is that any effort at compiling complete information is very likely to fail

There is a small but significant number of coins whos owners do not wish for too much information about their coin(s) to be made public - in some cases, any and all information is withheld


However, there is a thread in this forum called "Activation Code Clearing House"

It is not a pinned thread, so it only moves to the top of the list when it gets a new post

You can try searching just that thread for all or part of the coin name


Many (most?) new geocoins come with a little piece of paper or cardboard that names the maker and says where to go to retrieve the activation code


Why/how these informative items go missing is beyond me, but it seems to happen a lot

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