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  1. Ops! Sorry thought these had been loaded at www.hogcode.com They are up now under Robinhood. The last of the orders went out this morning.
  2. PRICING INFO: $12.00 each plus shipping or the better deal. A set of the three versions for $32.95
  3. Sorry . . . about one coin being up for sale for a short time. It was supposed to be flagged to not be seen until 5 pm. It is gone again but will be back up in just under an hour from now.
  4. Look for these coins to go on sale Thursday, Thanksgiving Evening. The exact time has not yet been set but likely around 5 pm West Coast Time.
  5. Me too! I really do hate that . . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . . I am one of the worst of those people. oh well . . . . Yeah, Steve, next you'll be slapping a tracking number on a fridge and calling it a geocoin. What a great idea. Might need a very long extension cord though
  6. Essentially all of the Delorme Eartha Coins are in the hands of cachers (or occassionally others). They were all preactivated by Delorme. It was always Delorme's intent that as cachers received these coins either directly from a Delorme rep or found them in a cache that they would be allowed to keep those coins and either share them or not. There are I am guessing maybe 200-240 in the hands of cachers and I am sure many would be willing to allow them to discovered. I will have one at geocoinfest next week for anyone who wants to see one and discover it. Hope that answers your question.
  7. Purchase these coins here The Colony, Texas is located 35 minutes north of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Each October The Colony holds it's pirate themed, "Pirate Days of The Colony". -PIRATE DAYS- One of Saturdays feature events is the geocaching treasure hunt (GC1T08R) complete with live music, contests, hunts and geocoins. Colony Pirate Coin All This coin is being offered as a PRESALE by Hogwild Stuff. If you are attending the event you can purchase this coin to be picked up at the event. If you are not attending the event, you can still purchase the coin, but will need to also pay for shipping. The coins will not be shipped until after the event. Please note the color on the banner will be the same as the skull. COIN STATISTICS FINISHES: Gold / Antique Silver / Antique Bronze - All Finishes Immitation Hard Enamel Size: 1.75 inch X 3.00 mm Icon: Unique Tracking: Geocaching.com with a unique Icon THE PRESALE PERIOD WILL END SEPTEMBER 20 AT 5:00 PM PDT. PRICING $9.50 pre-ordered and picked up at the event. $9.90 if shipped to North America plus a one time per order charge of $2.00 $10.30 if shipped outside North America plus a one time per order charge of $2.60 $11.00 if not pre ordered but purchased at the event to the extent they are available. Purchase these coins here
  8. Hogwild Stuff makes those coins and as a legacy some people receive a version that does not have a tracking number. I and others sometimes leave those as swag.
  9. The presale period for the new Hogwild Stuff Compass Geocoin ends today at 5:00 pm PDT. Purchase the Antique Gold Coin Here Purchase The Antique Copper Coin Here THIS IS A PRESALE - The coins will be mailed in about 3 weeks. I was doing a web search looking for new coin ideas well over a year ago and came across an image of this old fashioned compass. I talked with a couple of factories about the possibility of turning this into a “coin”. The coin is large. 2 inches across. It is heavy almost 5 oz. There are three finishes: Antique Silver (THE LE and sold out) Antique Gold and Antique Copper. The needle spins but is not magnetized Coin Stats Size: 2 inches across Finish: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique, Copper Tracking: www.geocaching.com Icon: Unique Price: $13.00 Plus S & H
  10. Ok . . . I have some experience in this . . . . - First you have to ask yourself why would someone buy this coin? - They are a member of the organization; they have cached in the area; it is a very unique design would be usual reasons. At this point in the geocaching world This will not be a "have to have" coin for most people. If people are not from the area or associated with the organization it will not for most, even be a "want to have coin". - Second what are similar coins selling for? Without seeing the coin I would price it probably at $8.50 - $9.50. Almost no one does insurance for a coin or two. Shipping should be in the ball park $2.00 for the first coin and $.50 per coin after the first one to North America. I guess I am a bit confused why you would not do some research about this before putting it in the forums. Honestly this will make it harder to sell them even at a more reasonable price. I wish you luck. You can e-mail me if you have more specific questions. (or post here)
  11. Hmm . . . this can be kinda of a tough question . . . A couple of years ago we did a CHP coin and someone else did a nearly identical designed coin but with slightly different language. I think it was just coincidence. More recently Hogwild Stuff and Coins & Pins have done benchmark coins based on the same benchmark, though the coins themselves were very different in design. More recently there was quite a bit of controversy about two Boy Scout coins that were very similar. These are always tough situations and there is probably not much that can be done except maybe not buying the coin.
  12. From Google Translation: All in One 2007 GC has disappeared, please notify you if it a GC from Lucifa finds Post 1 hello, I ask my suchce GC, which is sometime away come I do not know whether it was stolen or whether someone has rgveessen him from the cache, where he is now still in it has forgotten auszulogen .... Please make sure if it a GC did around the world-all in one 2007 by owner: lucifa then notify you immediately =) liebe grüße Pia Post 2 You know already that this is the English part of the forum is? Where was he last seen? Do you have a link? Post 3 Think it is about this here: Post 4: Ah, yes. I was surprised that no coin in the profile was to be seen ... The cache has unfortunately in the meantime had found quite a lot, otherwise I would suggest times, all the finder shall take, whether they have seen your Coin. Otherwise you will just him to unknown location
  13. HEY! I was just thinking about doing some NASCAR geocoins!
  14. It seems that a long long time ago in the forums someone posted a photograph of a wall mount coin display case where each coin was in it's own little rotating case. I am wondering if anyone remembers this and knows where I might find it. Thanks Steve
  15. Some Thoughts: 1. The original coins sold out in very short order. 2. As suggested in this thread, this is not dumping otherwise it would not have been a presale. 3. The balancing act is how to put out a reasonable number of coins to meet or come close to meeting, demand without frustrating those who want to have a scarce coin for sale or trade. 4. There is an added element in that Hogwild Stuff does not own the design but MOGA does. Everything we do needs to take their needs into consideration. Finally I can understand disappointment but the anger and accusations I just don't get. If we opened it up to an unlimited number I can't help but wondering how many would complain that destroyed value. I know that it goes with the territory and I am ok with that, but please remember it is just a geocoin. It kind of makes me frustrated that people get angry with Hogwild Stuff meaning me because they didn't get the coin they want. Honestly we do the best fairest job we can. Profit motive would have dictated that we sell to market demand, but that would have created an equal number of unhappy people.
  16. The answer is that it depends . . . . - If it is non trackable then as long as you trade something of similar value you can keep it. - If it is trackable and activated then you should take it and move it just like a travel bug, unless there is a very specific note from the owner allowing you to keep it. - If it is trackable and unactivated you should trade for something of a reasonably close value (some would say it should be another unactivated coin). - The exception would be that sometimes people will leave an unactivated coin with a note that says it is fine to keep it without a trade, then you can do that. I hope this helps
  17. This is a good question. The easy answer is that if I get an unactivated coin I have maximum flexability in terms of what I can do with it. That being said, probably some of the most valuable coins, or at least most sought after coins are activated coins. Ultimately what makes any one coin more valuable than another? It is how much other people want it. It is perception. There may be some relation between value and number of coins made, but it is far from linear. Some of the most valued / sought after coins even today have very high mintings. There are others that have very small mintings that you can hardly give away. My thoughts . . .
  18. It would cause confusion if that happened, but this has been done with several coin designs and with Groundspeak's appoval.
  19. And who are the members of the Academy besides Yime . . . or is that something you need to know the secret handshake to figure out?
  20. Your price will be even higher I assume I am thinking you should charge like $1,000 for your coin . . . I it is a steep price but think about it. Sell 2 and your at break even. 1 more and 50% profit . . . . well you get it! Seriously, licensing is really a tough problem. The amount of money they can reasonably charge for a logo is so small that it is not really worth the trouble for the organizations in general.
  21. Several people who have posted in this thread have suggested that providing this information should be no big deal. It is a big deal! As a coin vendor I spend considerable time and resources in many different areas, one of which is developing relationships with factories that make coins. By spending time and resources in this area is allows me to to several things: 1. Get better prices which gives me more profit and allows me to charge a lower price to my coin making customers. 2. To have options when a given factory can not meet my needs for a given coin. This would include time to produce a coin, special finishes and other special options. 3. Creating a good working relationships. So no, I am not to willing to share / give away something I have invested in for free. This has real value. If you want to figure this out, go do what I and Oak Coins, and Coins & Pins, and Geocoin Store and others have done. Spend the effort to figure it out yourself. I am glad to have you compete with me, but don't then come and ask me to help you compete more effectively against me. Now if you want to pay me for my knowledge . . . . My thoughts
  22. So I think this level of certaintiy is not possible. There is a simple thing GC could do that would help buyers make an informed assessment would be to provide a little more information on the list of vendors: A. Company Name B. Year Codes were first purchased (how long the company has been around) B. Total Number of codes purchased C. Number of codes purchased in the last 6 months (is the company still actively doing business) This would not be perfect but would be an indication of the staying power of the company. My thoughts . . . .
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