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Now Reserving the IFRM Geocoin

Eric K

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USA Geocoins is now taking reservations for the IFRM Geocoin.


The IFRM (International Fire Relief Mission) is a non-profit organization that helps Firefighters in developing countries by providing them with the firefighting equipment necassary to perform their jobs safely.


USA Geocoins is honored to have been chosen by the IFRM to work with them on this project.


There are two versions of the coin that will be available.


The Earth version which is more of a memorial coin and the Fire version which represents Firefighters in action.






Reserve yours hear. ETA for coins to be in stock is early April


Reserve your IFRM Geocoin here!

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Hi EricK, love the coins, both of them. I would like to reserve one of each but you need a check or money order? Do you or will you be accepting paypal?


Check or money order is only if you do a guaranteed reservation. (Only available in the US)


You can do a standard reservation and we'll send you an invoice when the coins arrive.




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For those of you that reserved this coin all of the reservations have been sent out.


If you did not receive yours please contact us at support at usageocoins dot com


You can still place a reservation if you wish to get one of these coins and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis.



Eric K

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Just heard about these great coins at an April Fools event tonight in Nova Scotia - sent an email to reserve. My husband is a volunteer and career firefighter and my son is a volunteer firefighter and career forest firefighter. Can't wait to get the coins - they are beautiful.

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