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Mapsource Custom Waypoint Symbols Stopped Working


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I have been successfully using custom waypoint icons with Mapsource, GSAK, and my 60Cx. But when I updated my Mapsource install to version 6.15.3, it stopped recognizing the custom icons.


They are still in my GPSr. They are still recognized by GSAK. They are still present in Documents \ My Garmin \ Custom Waypoint Symbols.


But the Mapsource app refuses to "see" them. (And Garmin's tech support is not bothering to answer.)


Can anyone help?

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If you search for "6.15.3", the thread(s) will probably come up.

You can't perform a search on "6.15.3".


not on this site but....


6.15.3 results.

Nice tip! I knew you were supposed to be able to search a specific web site with Google, but I hadn't been able to get it to work. Maybe I didn't have the syntax quite right. I've filed this away for future reference. Many thanks for posting this!
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