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...at the end...Search & Rescue

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Hello to everyone....


...this is a bad but almost funny story!

Last Sunday we went out for GEOCACHING... there was a cache near our city - a mulit-cache with 5 Clues... NICE!


So, we started and found all the 5 clues... but not the final cache!



Yeah, the sunset was almost there and we decided to go back to our car... but the sun was faster and so it was very dark... we thought, we could made a shorter way over the mountains...but at the end? A rock-face...so the only chance we had... we called the police and the sent us the search&rescue team of the fire department...

3 hours later... they found us...

we were sitting on a mountain, without any food or beverages... and it was very very cold!!!


After 7 hours we were back to our car... what a trip!!!


But after all : we love geocaching!!!!



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-1 for the cacher for getting into that situation. At minimum, each party should carry some water, a few granola bars, a space blanket and a whistle, any medication needed during the day, as well as clothing appropriate for the time of year. At least one person should also carry a knife, a flashlight, some light rope and a first aid kit.


We carry these things on anything beyond an urban cache right off the roadway. Never know when something may happen that requires staying put for a while.


If this was not an atypical cache for the area, (ie longer, more difficult terrain, etc...) the CO should have mentioned taking supplies, advising how long it takes if everything goes well and the fact that you probably should backtrack to get to the car.


Around here the cachers have a bad habit of going over fences instead of around, so many caches advise that you don't have to cross any fences if you do it right. They also will warn of any hazards that may not be obvious until its too late, and suggest taking water due to the distance involved.

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I'm new to geocaching (just signed up today), but always be careful when going out in the woods. I live in New Hampshire and they have enacted legislation that would have made you responsible for paying for your rescue. Admittedly, I find wilderness rescue fun (if tiring), especially if the person we're rescuing isn't hurt, but just lost.


Glad to hear you're okay. So, are you going back to find the cache?

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