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Coin Pricing?

Tha Saint

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There are a few coins that I want to buy. Im somewhat new to coins & dont really know what the going price/rate is on certain coins. I understand that the value of a coin is different for everyone, but if it is possible could someone give me a ballpark price that these coins are worth? I have not found any of them for sale yet, but if I do come across them, I'd like to have an idea of what I should be paying for them. Thanks..


Lighthouse Montauk 06

2004 USA Geocoin

07 Ireland

Absolut Cache

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Well, you've got good taste as those coins are hard to find and you can guess what that means to most etailers. As Fox said be patient. When the market slows down so do prices.... keep your eye on the Emarket and wait for your coins to hit the auction block when there aren't too many bidders around. Coins that regularly get bid up past $30 can go for a lot less (but still way more than they were originally sold for).

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