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An event cache is just a get-together of geocachers for socialising. There's usually a big room where people gather and chat. Some will have brought along TBs and geocoins to exchange, or collections of personal geocoins to be enjoyed by others. There maybe a few competitions, maybe a raffle. During the day cachers will come and go, there will probably be new caches published especially for the event. Some cachers go off hunting on their own, others will team up with others who are there. Food and drink will be involved somewhere. The south Wales event is at a camp site too, so some cachers will camp and stay a few days. Most local cachers would normally try to attend, others may come from 100+ miles away.


Will that do for a brief summary? :lol:


Come along - you'll be made very welcome!


MrsB :bad:

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We had real concerns about attending an Event, but then we were responsible for the 'First South Wales Event'.


Thankfully, it was a great success, this was not down to us, but because of all the wonderful cachers who came. :):(


Things you can be sure of at a SW Event:




Weather, we don't guarantee, what sort of weather but . . . . .


A variety of great caches, placed in fantastic countryside.


So come along and see if our fellow cachers really are as wonderful as we think they are. :D;);)

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