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New to geocaching


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Hi my name is Mike and I have just started geocaching a couple days ago and have two finds so far. For now I am mostly interested in the ones I have to hike a a few thousand yards to get, It gives me something to hike to instead of just walking through the woods.


I have a few questions, last night I found one that was well beat up a little bit, it was an old Folgers can and the lid was in pretty bad shape. I know it is a few years old and probably doesn't get found much anymore but would it be alright if I took a little bit bigger tin can or plastic tupperware and kinda did a little cleaning up and putting it in the same spot when done.


Another question is how good is the "Explorist Magellan 200 Handheld" for a starting gps unit. Right now I am using mostly a map and compass because my GPS is on my PDA and isn't rock and water friendly so I would prefer to leave it in my backpack. I have already bought the magellan for $60 on ebay and just waiting for it to get here but might put it up on craigslist since they are going for a little more on there, then get the one I want/need.



Anyway thanks ahead of time for the answers and any other pointers you guys might have for a newbie

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I'm new here too so maybe others know better than I, but have you tried logging a "needs maintenance" on the cache page? Maybe give the cache owner an opportunity to take care of it on his own before you take matters into your own hands.


I noticed that when I went to log them, still new so have to learn all the little things.

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Welcome to geocaching! I too am new with around 60 finds. Seems to be pretty addicting and the few people I've met are really cool. Getting ready to go to my first geo gathering tonight. Around 60 people are showing up so it should be pretty cool!

Hope you have as much fun as I have had with this sport/hobby.

I would send the owner a maintenance message so they know about it.

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First off, I would be hesitant to repair certain parts of a cache container on my own. Some cache owners can be somewhat anal about people trying to reapair them without approval. However, if you can reasonably insure that the cache will look the same once you've made the repair, then go ahead. For instance, if the lid of the coffee can is covered in cammo tape, make sure that the lid you replace it with is also. I would not replace the entire container on my own. Your container might not fit exactly as well as the old one did, and if so, it would compromise the original hide.


A better course of action would be to include a "maintainance needed" note when you log the find. You can also click on the owner's name on the cache page, which will give you an option of leaving the owner a PM, where you can inform them of the problem. You never know...the owner may have since moved further away from the hide and might appreciate some more localized assistance.

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A little TLC on anybody's cache is appreciated but it should stop short of just replacing the container outright.


I have placed caches inside larger containers to protect them from the elements and added baggies and duck tape and necessary supplies but exchaging the whole container unless you know thew owner quite well is not the right thing to do.


Do what you can to protect the contents and log the Needs Maintenance note. Ask the owner what they would perfer.

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