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Michael Strahan and Gentleman start your engines. Then the pace car led them around. That is all but poor #39 who needed a push start. I'm afraid if he stalls that he won't be able to restart. Is that anyone's choice. I hope not.


Now on to the race so far. 10 laps and my favorite racer at least for this race has led every lap!! Go Mark Martin!!!

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No wrecks by the 33 lap. But Kyle Busch has complained of a tight race car and seems to be fading.

Martin is still in the lead!!!!


Jeff Grodon's times are fading a bit too.


In turns 3 and 4 right now the glare is so bad from the sun that one racer at least that he picks a spot on the wall to be sure he can see through the turn!! Before long the sun will set and the glare will no longer be a problem. Right now some drivers are earing sunglasses or have tape oin the upper part of the windshield......


Go MARK!!!

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Forgot to report under the caution several pit stops were made and pit road seems to have some problems. Johnson's crew spilled a bit of fuel and sparked a small fire. Also saw a tad of a bang up there but couldn't catch who it was......


Green flag again and martin in lead followed by Kurt Busch and now tony stewart is #3!!!


Whoops the announcer corrected himself. Martin didn't lead one lap during the caution......

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whoa what a race for #2 as Busch has retaken it. Now at lap #103 another caution flag out so the pit road was quite busy Biffle got a few spots by his great manuevering to exit the pits. The green flag is just about ready as the debris has been cleaned up from the track......

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Kurt Busch has taken the lead after the green flag. Dale Earnhart Jr is having a lot of problems describing the car as loose. When he accelerates the car slides so he's not looking like a winner right now.


No direct sun on the track right now so the track will change as the temperature changes....


128 laps completed

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Lap 151 and...


1) Kurt Busch #2

2) Mark Martin #5

3) Martin Truex Jr #1

4) Tony Stewart #14

5) David Reutimann # 00


I am going to sleep now! IT is 5:10 in the morning!!! I need some sleep!


Good luck everybody!

Congratulations to the winners, and once again Thank you Opalsns and KD1EJ for the cointests and the prices! :unsure:

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Lap 196

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2. Kyle Busch

3. Tony Stewart

4. Mark Martin

5. Jeff Gordon


Kurt Busch's car is having problems with that touch with the wall.....says he thinks he may have bent the chassis. Doesn't sound real good does it?

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Stewart has come within .4 seconds of Jr!!! The earnhart decision to not pit during that last caution may mean he has to take 2 more pits. Was that strategy to not pit good or not? Initaily it seemed great but if there isn't another caution he may have to pit under the green flag....

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