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Cachin' Crow Geocoin -


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Looks like my guy, # 00 (what was his name again?) wasn't even in the race. Did he race at all? How'd he do? Sorry, I had to work during the race.


Congrats to Hiking Dude & Kurt Busch! Hey is he related to the Busch family in St. Louis that used to own the big brewery here?



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Hi all,

I'm glad everyone is getting their CC coins and are happy with them. Yup the Coin dropping crow was KD1EJ's idea and Yup, it is an AWESOME one........... Next coin we're going to ...........


HAAAAAAAAAAA! you'll have to wait and see.!!!!!! But they just get better!!!!


If anyone here on the forum didn't order the 2009 coins and would like to , email KD1EJ through geocaching.com. There are a few Orange backround CC coins available.

I believe he may have a couple of the 2008s left as well, if you want the whole series. There are 2 CC coins in the series so far with many more to come.



Opalsns and KD1EJ

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Years back there was a cartoon that I can't remember too much of, except for the Unique names....

Penelope PitStop was one of them......


Go To The Nationwide Cointest Thread to post your cartoon name entry


So here's the Nationwide cointest....

If You Were A RaceCar Driver On A Cartoon, What would your RACING NAME Be.

Now be ORIGINAL and UNIQUE. I will use the Random Number Changer to pick the winner.

One ( 1 ) entry per person.

I will START and FINISH this Cointest at my chosing.

The winner will get a coin of my choice from my collection.

I reserve the right to change rules at any time.

That's It , I think!!!


Go To The Nationwide Cointest Thread to post your cartoon name entry




Oh Yeah ......


We got some Great Racers here folks, all running their heats, Readying up for the Big Race.

OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo the big race, now there's a reason to get your entrys in.


Yup, Only The Cartoon Racers from this Nationwide Cointest thread will be automatically entered in the


Sprint Cup Race Cointest.......


I have been assigning Car #s to entry's posted. I have written down the cartoon Race Driver Names and the post # . I did not keep track of the cacher that entered ONLY the Cartoon Name and Post #.


I take the post number and pull a car number out of it. So, If the cartoon driver's post number is 000,

I might put him in the 00 car.

Now That Cartoon Driver will be driving the # 00 . If the winner of the actual Sprint Cup Race is in the #00,

That Cartoon driver wins....


I will list The Cartoon Drivers Name and Car number that has been assigned to it on the Cachin' Crow Thread on Race Day.


The rules are ALWAYS subject to change...........

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Ok Folks.............


The entry time is up.......................


NO MORE ENTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I will put up a list of the entrants and there car number before the race starts, so come back and check what car number you recieved!!!!!



Opalsns and KD1EJ

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OK, Here's the line up for today's cointest .............................



DRIVER"S NAME :anicute: POST# :) CAR #



BEEP ! BEEP ! - 151 - 1


Black Flag Bandit - 137 - 7


Rallying Roo - 153 - 8


Pile Driver - 136 - 9


Radical Robby - 149 - 10


Annie AlwaysLapped - 156 - 11


ERROR TERROR - 147 - 12


I. B. Premiero - 140 - 14


Boom Boom Cracer - 150 - 15


FireBall Frannie - 160 - 16


Joltin' Johnny - 157 - 17


Randy Gandy Dancer - 190 - 19


Gasande Groden - 192 - 21


Wile T. Coyote - 134 - 24


Dasterdly Dirk - 133 - 33


GodFather Racing - 143 - 43


OldLadies Dare - 145 - 55


Checkered Flag Freddie - 148 - 48


DRiveBy Knight - 184 - 83


Dandy Drafter - 188 - 88



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