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Did you ever get your tongue wrapped around your eye teeth and couldn't see what you were saying?


Well it goes something like this. On a brainstorm to hide the perfect one, started out to late and darkness fell. We were a couple hundred yards in the woods following a dry creek bed back to the vehicle, after hiding an envelope container under a flat rock. This was in a state fish and wildlife multi-use area, with lots of horse activity on the trails. As a matter of fact there was a boarding stable across the road where the creek crosses.


It was very dark and we were using our flashlights to navigate the loose rocks lying in the declivity. A pair of automobile headlights appeared at the acess road to the stable and were pointed down the creek bed directly at us as we emerged from the woods. You could make out a figure standing by the car. So trying not to arouse any suspicion walked toward the car to put this inquisitive mind to rest with a little GEO PR.


The driver inquired about our saftey, and said she saw the lights in the woods and thought we had lost our way and might need some help, so I stated every thing was ok we were just looking for some place to,



The lady gave us a real strange look, I'm sure she heard CASH, didn't say a word just got in the car and LOCKED the doors, and LEFT!


It took acouple of minutes for it to sink in. We laughed for hours. ;)


So what have you said that did't come out quite right? Com'on now 'fess up

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That's hilarious!


Although, a word to the wise....


at a minimum you might want to check on your "cash" closely for a few weeks. If she tells anyone the story you'll either have


A- the police out there looking for evidence, or

B- her acquaintences out there looking to get rich

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That was a hoot! However, my ignorance compels me to ask; what is an envelope container?
Slim-bob? Here in Florida it's a heavy small plastic baggie that a layer of camo duct tape around it and either a magnet inside the duct tape or Velcro to the outside. Then it can slide into rather thing hiding spots. Some people like 'em, some people hate 'em.


We had a few times run across people hiking in a cache area and they have hand-held GPSr's and you walk up ready to have a fun GC chat and you say "Geocaching?" and they replay "Whut?" and you think you should of kept your mouth shut ;)

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That was a hoot! However, my ignorance compels me to ask; what is an envelope container?


Yeah, Impg has the ticket with the zip lock baggie duct taped, you can cut them to the size you want, works real well with velcro, to stick them to about any thing, real nice to slip into cracks and are a ;) %$#& to spot if done up with the appropriate cammo

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