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Can you see my coins?

crazybear and honey
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Hello all,


at the time i have many problems with ebay.


Because i can´t see my offer in ebay. i only can find it over my account.




So it would be nice to know if you can see the coins.


I will sell my whole collection the next weeks, so you will find a lot off sold out und extrem Rare and LE , XLE Coins. (If you see them in ebay?)


Can you see the Coin? Or is it so that you search exactly for special coins.


Best regards René

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Your coin shows up fine for me. I was also able to find it doing a search for Geocoins. This is a beautiful trackable but $10 US for shipping - wow that is a lot. I can ship one coin to Germany for $4.00 US.


Hope your auctions go well.


I noticed that also - $10.00 :laughing: ! to ship.


Yea, I was just about to place a bid when I saw that! :laughing:

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All he wants is publicity. The more you talk about the shipping, the more people will pay it.




This is not right


I have to pay for that kind of shipping in germany round about 15 Euro.

This coin which i sell is an very popular geocoin. And i´m interessted in that the coin arrived in the USA.


Yes i could send it for 6$ but you do not have the chance to get an tracking number from our postoffice.


I would that the seller can see where the coin is.


I know that this cost´s are high, but this are only 50% of them what i have to pay.


If the seller is say he only wants to pay 6$ so i will ship it for 6$ but the risk is on the buyers side.


I hope you can now understand the way why i do it so.


Best regards René

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Today i have put in some new interessted coins.


Bier Geocoin - Special Edition limitiert only 100 made




This are an Ultra Rare and XLE Coin, to get this coin you have to collect 8 Geotockens

http://www.geopoly.eu/index.php?option=com...8&Itemid=10 here you can find some informations.


And that is the link to get yours:




I hope some of you are interessted in my coins.


Many thanks for looking.


Best regards René

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Hi René,


Sorry to hear you are having troubles with ebay. I find drinking COCA COLA helps with problems. You have certainly come to the right place for help with your ebay issue. I am drinking COCA COLA right now. Please don't be discouraged by the cynical posters who are suggesting you are using the forum as a cheap form of advertising. Drinking COCA COLA makes life fun. Rest assured, I have no problems seeing your coins. Women find men that drink COCA COLA sexy. I wish you the best of luck with your sale.


Edit to say COCA COLA

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