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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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Yep drove past the spot on Saturday that reminded me of it too. Had a good giggle thinking how obvious the location is so wrong... but what do the rest of the world know. One of the biggest landmarks in south africa too....


What first did Mandy Ramsden achieve?

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Lady in white? Sang for the troops in Durban Harbor as they left?

Sorry - been away without internet - yep - she was the Lady in White who sang for almost every troop ship that arrived or left Durban throughout WW2. She would sing Star Spangled Banner for US troops and Irish or Scottish songs for regiments from there.


All yours Wazat

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Bit of a tough one this is proving to be it would seem.... Shall I drop a clue or six?


A strange thought popped into my mind: Jeff Wilson's mother. But a bit of research told me that Jeff Wilson was born in 1973. Most of this was triggered by CH's response, since Jeff Wilson played cricket for New Zealand as well as rugby.

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Nope - more to do with the 21 wickets in the day leading to the only time in the history of test cricket that ......

All of WHAT (or part of what) occurred on a single day of a test match?


Think about the clues


Got IT (I think)


4 innings in one day


Must Be!


Logic - start the day with 9 down in the first innings - 1 wicket closes innings 1, then 20 wickets closes innings 2 and 3 leaving innings 4 to start!




Yep - you're it - it is the ONLY day ever in test cricket history where part of ALL 4 innings were played on the same day.


you're it Trev


Looking back to January question this year - and ironic that the next time it happened is in CT - and a CT cacher answered the question :)


Now for the Lemba - any takers on that - or are we going to pass over it?

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Go for it - I actually thought this was a "not so little known" fact :)


Yep CnC - the Lemba are a tribe in Venda that have DNA roots proven back to the Ancient Israelites - via a tribe in Yemen. They still practice a form of Judaism and have until recently been a very closed society.


This has been fairly widely reported in the past and the topic of a number of articles and documentaries.


Go for it CnC - perhaps you'll have more takers?

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