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South African (Off-Topic) Quiz


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100% Chinga! They all have board game version themed on the movie/series. Battlestar Galactica is apparently a very nice co-operative game.


So over to you Chinga...


Bah, I first thought of board games, as I play board games about twice a week, and play Battlestar galactica a lot, and there are about 10 different lord of the ring board games, but I have never heard of an A team, Spiderman or platoon board game

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Right idea cincol but not correct. Try taking it very literally.

more literally ?


smelling salts ?


edit: inserted quote


Thats it 7Gryph7


Smelling salts or more correctly ammonia was extracted from a distillate of deer (in older English a hart or stag) and cattle horns and hooves. Today is it obtained via other chemical processes.


Carbon Hunter: "The solution made from antelope horn for medicinal purpoes (similar to rhino hiorn)? " Maybe smelling salts would work for you instead of rhino horn, who am I to judge ;)

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Feeling confident - and have a question that is burning to be asked - especially with the Rugby World Cup getting to the knock out stages and all that controversy over the Red Card in Samoa. I had a really good question about samoa but decided on this "red card" question! Please identify the player throwing the punch.



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I heard a rumour that a tarantula would shatter if dropped. dont know if its true? havent tested it yet.


100% correct!


Weird Fact: If you drop a tarantula it will shatter


First of all, unless you are allergic to tarantula venom, they are harmless to humans (though they pack a painful bite).

Some tarantulas can also shoot the “hairs” off their legs which can pierce human skin and cause great discomfort.

Now – back to the weird fact. Tarantulas have an exoskeleton (that means its skeleton is on the outside) like crayfish and crabs.

They shed their exoskeleton regularly – normally by lying on their back. (When they are shedding their skeleton, it is a good idea to keep right away from them as they will attack due to their vulnerable state.)

Because the exoskeleton is very fragile, if a tarantula is dropped from a low height, it will shatter and die.

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