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Make track into thin line on Topo map?


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If you change the track color to transparent you will have a thin black line rather than a wider colored line.

Thanks, that worked. Is there a way to get rid of the track dots? I am trying to create a map of logging roads and ATV trails, and would like to get different trail colors also if possible.

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Maybe you could try to use another application for building the map? OziExplorer for instance does draw tracks as thin (colored) lines. The only problem will then be that it might be a bit tricky to load the garmin maps in any other software then MapSource. But maybe you can find some software that supports garmin maps and the desired track display style :)

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To my knowledge you can not make any adjusments to the track lines other than the color properties. If you install Google Earth, MapSource will interface with it and there you can get rid of the dots and adjust the width properties.


how do you do that?



Interfacing with Google Earth: Open MapSource-View-View in Google Earth

(All the waypoints and tracks will automatically "dump" into G-E.)


Rid of dots in Google Earth: The tracks that get dumped into G-E from MapSource are put in two separate folders, Points and Path. Unselect the Points folder to rid of the dots.


To change the track properties in G-E: right-click the track in the Path folder.

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