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Finding Geocoins near your home can be an easy procedure if you are a premium member. All you do is Create a pocket query requesting all caches near your home co-ordinates with trabelbugs/geocoins. Then it will generate all of the caches in that area.


Although, I do see that you are not a premium member. First of all, I may not know completely what you are talking about regarding the coin images on the map. It dosn't show coin images when you are looking thru google maps. What you have to do is go to your Account page and clikc on search caches near my home co-ordinates. Then it will list the caches. Some iwll have little images next to the cahe name that refer to geocoins.


If I have misunderstood, feel free to tell me so so I can assist you further on this issue.

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I was talking about the page here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoin.aspx


There is a legend that says to click the coin images for details.


Zooming into my area (or any oth,er area) doesn't show any "coin images".


Oh that page, okay that makes more sense. Sorry for the misundestanding. It works okay for me. The details should appear on the right hand side of the map. It takes a few seconds though. So, all you have to do is click and maite a sec or so. If not, it's probably your computer.

If it's of great inconvenence, I would contact Groundspeak and ask about it 'cause it may be a glitch with who knows what...


Hope this helps!

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I was talking about the page here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoin.aspx


There is a legend that says to click the coin images for details.


Zooming into my area (or any other area) doesn't show any "coin images".

There may not be any in your area.


I live in a city of almost a half a million people, and I count a total of 7 coins on the map for the whole area :rolleyes:




Like Kohavis said, there might not be any in your area.


As far as not seeing any in any other area, I noticed that if you move the map, it doesn't update to display coins other than the ones that were initially displayed. This may be intentional, as the caption is "Geocoins near your home location".

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What is the default distance displayed on that map? I have a coin just over 2 miles from my home zipcode (not sure how far from home coordinates) but it doesn't show on the map. Another one at 2.3 miles.


For that matter, the map doesn't show on that map. Just an empty window.


[Edit: I simply reloaded the page and it now shows both the map and 7 coins]

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There seems to be a bug in that page. Every time I load it, I get a map from a different part of the world (and yes, I am logged in).


Your not the only one my friend. when I load it up it is always centered between US and Asia, right smack in the ocean.


And I have tried different areas of the US with no success what so ever. I most definately feel your aggravation

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The link works for me but many times the coins are missing from the caches. Try taking a look at the coins history to see if someone posted it is gone or it is seen. Many people take the coins and keep them without a word, leaving those who find them and move them out of luck. I do not know what to suggest we do with these type people. I have seen quite a few people with books full of coins at meetings I want to ask them how they got that coin was it a gift from the original owner or was it suppose to keep moving. I have seen one that was a photo of the coins it keeps moving because the keepers can not get their hands on the original. How do we get a coin to continue it's journies ??? / mcellen

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Many people take the coins and keep them without a word, leaving those who find them and move them out of luck.

Yep. The geocoiners here call people like that "magpies" - attracted to shiny objects. They grab them from caches because they're shiny, sometimes never realizing they're trackables. Then the coins sit in a drawer for years. Meantime, the owner is pulling his hair out waiting for it to show up.


Not much you can do, except:


1. Don't send out the coins you really want to keep.


2. Send out a proxy geocoin that's a photo of the coin glued to a large steel washer, for example. Log its journey just like it was the real thing. Keep the original at home. The problem here is that many people don't like proxies.


I have a geocoin that's very special to me - a New Mexico Geocaching 2005 coin I received from another cacher for doing him a favor. That's why it's never leaving the house :grin:

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well, Groundspeak doesn't seem to know the answer to my query, but looking at all these postings it seems a pretty good bet that the page only shows geocoins for premium members. i've discovered that if i check the page when i'm not logged in the map does show geocoins. not in my area, of course, but at least i know what they look like and what to look for! so i'm back to plan b, viz checking caches close to my home location and seeing if they list trackables. by which method i found ten within 1.5 miles...

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Well, I have not been a Premium Member for a long time now and I can see coin icon images on http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoin.aspx. Well I could, but I guess with the Google maps API change of last week breaking some maps, to the consternation of all geocachers and hundreds of forum posts, it's still broken for this little aspect of maps on geocaching.com.

Raine, do you see this?


P.S. If the maps showed coin icons when you ARE NOT logged in then it can be guaranteed that it's not a Premium Members only issue.


Why don't you just use the search facilities to show you caches around you that have coins and bugs?

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