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  1. FNG is typically meaning a F^%*ing New Guy
  2. I too am midly colorblind (and in the worst way.. green brown red) but my mom swears it HELPS me geocache.. and I do have to admit that some camo I can see through from miles away and some I can be staring at and not see.. so I guess it works both ways. but for me, when I am looking, I am doing the "look for straight lines" and "shapes not found in nature" more than anything else..
  3. What a hunt today.... located a cache near a lake that was "just off the path near the lakefront" and decided it should be a walk in the park. Well once I got close to the spot, I saw it was actually a 25m hike through some thick brush. Anyways, walking along the lake front, using trees as handholds to not fall into the lake. Doing the typical geo walk (head down staring at the screen watching the countdown) I was approaching GZ 10m... 9.... 8.... 7.... 6.... 5.... 4..... 3.... 2.... 1... "HONK!!!!!" Suddenly this extremely pissed off duck honks at me and flaps her wings and starts going crazy!! I jump back 5 feet and swear at the top of my lungs... the duck flies off and I look over to find she has made her nest ON the cache! there is 5 little duck eggs sitting in the nest, and the nest sitting on top of the lock and lock! I catch my breath, groan, turn and walk out of the bush.. have to come back and get this one another time. So anyone with some wet wipes if you could send them my way as that duck scared the *&^@ out of me!!!
  4. VE6CJW Edmonton Alberta Haven't kept up with the Ham lately though
  5. Can someone who has gotten Geoscout to install please contact me.. I have the program installed and the .net framework installed but all attempts to install the SQL that is needed are failing.. I have downloaded 3 different installs and they all fail to install on my HTC phone.. I found a rar with just the required files inside but it has no install, only an xml file that of course internet explorer blocks from running. Anyone that can help me would be an almighty hero in my books Want to get this running and test it out Thanks in advance! Curt
  6. You can buy those quarters in rolls from the local drugstore.... I actually made a rememberance day cache and stuck some inside as swag annoying internet... I already tried to post this response a minute ago... trying again.... For Alethiometrist it would be difficult for her to get a roll of quarters from the local drugstore because she is in the States. She and I have arranged an exchange so that she can have one. I got that she was in the US.. I was merely stating how "available" they are up here in Canada. Glad you are able to help out and send some along
  7. You can buy those quarters in rolls from the local drugstore.... I actually made a rememberance day cache and stuck some inside as swag
  8. Best thing to do, even after ading the site to my whitelist in hotmail it STILL gets blocked. Gmail works 100%
  9. No need to apologize.... I too know what it is like to open a container with the geo girls standing by waiting to trade some items and find a box of "junk" (bottlecaps, buisness cards etc...) Thankfully they dont get turned off by it (yet) I too like going to unique places, and seeing things I haven't seen before and I do a weekly cache day where that is what I do.. grabing caches in places I haven't seen before that require a hike or a good drive and some skill to grab, but having the geogirls with me on weekends, they don't like the big drives and the hikes. They want to be in the city and hunt for a couple of hours, so it all boils down to what type of hunt you have time for. I am sure no one took offence to what you wrote, I haven't been here long but I can see everyone has their own ideas on what is and isn't caching and they are staunch defenders of that idea. I hope some of our posts have made you look at micro's in a different light. Some of my favorite hides have been micros, and actually looked at my stats last night and found almost 50% of my finds have been... and that is by choice Happy hunting bigdog....
  10. I guess it all boils down to what you "expect" from geocaching. For me, it is about the journey and the actual hunt, and the smaller the cache (theoretically) the harder the hunt. Maybe because I dont have millions of finds like most people here I am still appreciative and open to all caches. Every cache put out there gives me another hunt and gets my family outside having fun, so who am I to complain.
  11. Looks like a cigar tube, only ever found one used in my area for a cache and it was listed as micro.
  12. Title says it all.... PM me with prices and some pics showing condition if you have one available. Thanks Curt
  13. Cool.. I was using my hotmail as well and was getting nothign and switched to gmail and they all work just fine. Gotta love those micro$oft updates... sure wish they would fix the broken stuff and leave the things that work alone instead of breaking them ;P
  14. That nothing in the world looks the way it used to (ex lightpost) That there isn't enough sunlight in a day That scientist should study the drunken geo-dance to see if we are speaking a language much like the bees do
  15. Yeah I didn't modify the same one, I actually created 2 seperate queries with the same attribute and only the one I named came through to me. I am going to test it again and see if it happens again, I will post results here ***EDIT*** Hmmm.. well this time it worked as it should.. both emails arrived OK Must be an ID 10 T error on my part
  16. I have noticed something weird... I made 2 queries exactly the same. I left one titled "New Query" and named the other one "Test" they both ran at the same time, I got the email for the one called test, but not for the one called new query. Does not naming them something unique cause an issue??? Also, thanks for the article about PQ, I always set mine based off home coords, and I see in the article there is an issue with that option, so I will modify my PQ's and use the actual co-ordinates instead.
  17. http://www.xe.com 240.00 GBP = 441.438 CAD 1 GBP = 1.83933 CAD 1 CAD = 0.543677 GBP
  18. cwelt


    Thanks for all the advice.. I did choose the day of to have the querie run, and it shows it ddi run, but for some reason no email. I am using hotmail and all other emails from the site (for weekly updates and new PM's in the forum) come through just fine. Hearing others having issues as well (especially yesterday) is some comfort as I made the queries yesterday I did a test one today and it didn't show up either. But thanks so much for all the replies and advice Good hunting!
  19. cwelt


    On average how long does it take for one to run and get emailed to you??? I just bought my premium membership yesterday and created a "trial" PQ to show me 100 cache's within 20 miles I havent found that are active and it says it ran immediately but that was almost 24 hours ago and no email yet. Not sure why, ran it as basic as I could and I get nothing. I read through a few posts on PQ's and according to what I have read it should be working, but nada!! Any insight would be great... thanks all
  20. Sent you a PM.. please get back to me.. possibly interested
  21. VERY good point... I always (even if the tree is dense and smaller) find a way to get inside and look out towards the light, makes a huge difference.
  22. cwelt

    Canadian Benchmarks

    Thanks for the info.. I was hoping it wasn't just me missing something simple.
  23. Google Earth cache view Click the link and follow the directions.. it will download a file called GeocachingNetworkKML.kml you open google earth and then using the file menu, select open, and point to that file. It will display all the caches located in the area showing on your screen.
  24. OK, don't know if I am doing something wrong or if it is the site. I KNOW there are Canadian benchmarks out there, some people I know have found them, but when doing a search on the site it comes up with none in the area. Any ideas as to why Canadian Benchmarks don't appear to show up in searches on the site??
  25. Another thing to do is don't forget to look on the ground. Alot of the tree hides here end up lying in thedirt as they fall off the branches. Many a time we have been standing right next to one while scanning the branches. And some peopel have wrapped micro's in bark and hung them right next to the trunk, blending in quite nicely. Don't just scan those branches..
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