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Help Needed - Yellow eTrex

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Ok, so the boss's boss asked me to help her organise our Department's next 'away day'. Since they all know about this 'geocaching thing' that I do, she's asked me to place a cache for them to find. Problem is, I want to split them up into two teams and make it a bit of a competition thing, but we only have one GPS unit. I'd like them to have the same unit, so I'm wondering if someone would let me borrow a yellow eTrex for a day? The 'away day' is the 22nd of October, and we work at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow. Here's hoping someone can help so I don't have to purchase another GPS!




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sorry cant help but I have a spare Garmin Camo !


Example of what I have got


If you would like to borrow that please shout !



Harrogate Hunters


Hi Robin,


thanks for the offer, was hoping for someone a bit closer to home so we could pick up and drop off around the date of the away day. But I'll let you know if I get in a bind and can't find anything else!


Ananda (Valerie)

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