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  1. Its not ... the current result for geocaching.com (no www.) gives the following ip-adresses:, nslookup for www.geocaching.com sometimes gives another ip-adress as the abovementioned, like: Looks like it's a DNS or load balancing issue. I added a hosts entry of and the site comes up fine now. Thanks all. Anyone else having troubles might also want to check their DNS. This isn't the first time I've had stale DNS info from my ISP.
  2. If your browser is truly http 1.1 compliant, the get statement should be a lot more than just "GET /" True, though it was the closest I could simulate at the time and shows the same behaviour.
  3. Strange one this. Since yesterday or so, I haven't been able to get to any page at all on www.geocaching.com. This includes the homepage. I have cleared my cookies, thinking some update had been done and that was it, but this morning I get the same thing. Here are my results from wfetch: started....WWWConnect::Connect("www.geocaching.com","80")\nIP = ""\nsource port: 3300\r\n REQUEST: **************\nGET / HTTP/1.1\r\n Host: www.geocaching.com\r\n Accept: */*\r\n \r\n RESPONSE: **************\nHTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently\r\n Connection: close\r\n Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 06:55:43 GMT\r\n Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0\r\n Location: http://www.geocaching.com/\r\n Content-Length: 236\r\n Content-type: text/html\r\n \r\n <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">\r\n <html><head>\r\n <title>301 Moved Permanently</title>\r\n </head><body>\r\n <h1>Moved Permanently</h1><p>The document has moved <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/">here</a>.</p>\n</body></html>WWWConnect::Close("www.geocaching.com","80")\nclosed source port: 3300\r\n finished. So I am getting a 301 and redirected to where I came from! Can someone at GS confirm that the IP I am getting ( is still in use for the site? Thanks.
  4. The refresh button under the cache listing refreshes the list for wherever you are viewing on the map. I have had times when no caches were displayed no matter where I was, but these have been only occasional and are apparently related to how often I personally use google maps and google maps on other sites (there is a per-user limit per-month I think). Try clearing all your google cookies and making sure you are not logged into any google services. Then try the maps again.
  5. I definitely agree with this. What is the point in showing how many watchers there are if *nobody* gets to see who is on the list? The watchers count should just be removed.
  6. That's good to hear. A bit more internationalisation would encourage non-english speakers a bit more too.
  7. I can understand not showing everyone this information, but as cache owner I should be able to see it.
  8. Pretty simple really, most of the rest of the world does not use MM/dd/yyyy as a date format. The preferred format should be an profile preference and then applied across the site.
  9. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We kept the faith and tonight when we got home, a package was waiting for us in the main foyer - our long lost Santa Mission!!! This was posted on 08/11/08 - nearly 3 months to arrive! There were loads of things wrapped up in tissue, and 3 little boxes, 2 of which contained coins. We also got, candy canes, some weird rubber bands in the shape of people, a little pillow with 'Canada' on it, a calendar with canadian lighthouses, some christmassy stickers, a notepad with pen, lobster soap (we think?), a pewter ornament for the tree, a fairy ornament for the tree, a Canada snap hook w/compass, and our favourite thing (besides the coins of course) - a nodding lobster!!! All in all, this was worth the wait! Thanks Erica & Jeremy!
  10. Got a coin in the post from Butterfly Lady to replace our missing mission. Thanks BL - you didn't have to do it but we appreciate it . We still have hope that the missing mission will arrive...
  11. Oh thank goodness!!!! I was getting really worried that the box had been lost but was giving it another week before I put another box together. The next box would have had different coins though because 2 of those coins I bought the last ones that were available (from the vendor)!! I really wanted to find some Scottish themed coins but couldn't find any at the time. I'm really glad it finally arrived and that you liked it! The pen is handmade by me, intended to be your caching pen if you so choose! Hopefully now that your package has been received our missing one will arrive too. I've been having this feeling that it was some sort of fate that you hadn't received yours and we had one outstanding too. Valerie - the Ananda half of Chananda
  12. Brenda also still has not received hers. Me neither We're still missing one too. Mrs. Cheesy Pig, yours was definitely mailed on 11/11/08 along with 2 others which have been received (avroair and Mrs O'Dell).
  13. Nice mission guinea gal! I updated the snail mail to better suit the occasion! LOL I didn't even notice until looking at that 3 times that it has OUR name on it!!! That's hilarious!
  14. We are still waiting on those two missions. We are also waiting on 4 other packages that we know have been sent and have yet to arrive. Either some postie is having a good Christmas on us or they just couldn't handle the volume of post this year. No worries yet, we'll just have some stuff to open *after* Christmas and it will prolong the fun! Have a great holiday and hopefully by the time you're back you can mark everyone's packages received! Chandy & Ananda (Craig & Valerie)
  15. Errr... we never signed up for a child mission, we signed up for 3 adult missions!! And we have still not received 2 of them.
  16. Sorry for taking so long to post this, but we received a package from Jana in Germany (not sure of your caching name!) The package arrived last Thursday but I've been extremely busy getting ready for a class I was going to teach. The class was yesterday and now I can breathe a big sigh of relief and relax a bit! The package was lovely. I picked it up on my way to work and I couldn't wait to open it so the pics were taken on my messy desk . We loved the chocolates and the hazelnut candy. The chocolates were gone by the 2nd day lol. There was a very clever micro cache stuck to a bit of twig, can't wait to hide that one somewhere! I have some of those little plastic containers but I've been using them for crafty purposes, never thought to use them as a cache so you've given me ideas there!! Next, some Christmas shower gel - this stuff smells SOOO amazing. I've been using it every morning. There was a small decorated book that might become a log book or maybe a bit of swag. The best part was a very lovely geocoin! My great-grandparents were German so this coin is very special to me. and it's an LE one! Thanks so much for a lovely package, it made my day! I have a couple pictures but I will have to post them tonight after work - I tried using flickr but this forum doesn't like their format so I'll have to upload them elsewhere. the Ananda half of Chananda aka Valerie P.S. BL - this is the only mission we've received so far, still waiting on the other two!
  17. We have sent out 3 missions and have not received a single one of ours yet
  18. It was mailed on 11/11/2008 from the UK so it will hopefully arrive soon!!
  19. Managed to get everything sent off today Mission 1 (adult) 3. Mission Complete: shipped on 11/11/2008 Mission 2 (adult) 3. Mission Complete: shipped on 11/11/2008 Mission 2 (adult) 3. Mission Complete: shipped on 11/11/2008
  20. Mission one - Adult 1. Participating: 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Mission two - Adult 1. Participating: 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Mission three - Adult 1. Participating: 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: have already sent email. Thanks!
  21. Congratulations!!!!!!!! We won too, but sadly it was only a £30 millets/blacks voucher! Oh well, we'll get some midge nets at least Well done again!!!
  22. Thanks Bob and others who tried to help, I now have another eTrex for the Away Day. Thread can be closed.
  23. Ok since no one seems to be trying this, I'm going to give over to Pharisee to post the next question. The second technique is 'Mokume Gane'. Sorry it took me so long to post, I haven't been able to get into the forum for a couple days, something going a bit wonky with the Interweb!
  24. Nope! Nice try though (and truthfully we've stolen that technique too!)
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