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The Great Wednesday Massacre


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Want a real kick in the pants ?


Just got word from a cacher who hiked/cached his way from Wind Gap to Lehigh...


The agency who states that cachers are damaging the trails now have a PIPELINE running by the AT in the Wind Gap area !

Yup, the same folks who are worried about YOU making a non-existant path to the cache.

Hopefully he got pics.


Figured it wasn't "just us."

Their ATC van has been parked a few days now at the Wind Gap access ( I drive past it from work.)

- guess we were in the way...


BTW, that same cacher, already loaded down with gear, grabbed two of our 50 cal boxes (with log and swag) and hid them close to the road for CJ to pick up !

( I owe you one :o


Appears Blue Mountain to Palmerton dead zone has something going on too, as they were re-routed from that area.

- well, we know it isn't logging...


Cache safe.

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Post #124 in this thread has a complete list of the archived caches. I believe DocDitto is also creating a bookmark list.




I'm working on updating the bookmark list. I have 50 of them on my list so far, I'll add the other 50 as soon as I can so we can run a pocket query and compare the cache locations to the actual trail to see how many are questionable. There's a GPX file of the trail right here that should make the comparison easier. Granted it doesn't show land ownership, but it will show how far some of these caches are from the trail.

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I am somewhat reluctantly closing this thread in favor of this one in the main forum.


Because the AT covers several different regional forums, and because Groundspeak is actively involved with this, I feel it's important to keep as much info as possible all in one place where everyone can find it, rather then spread out among many different threads. Please continue posting information there.


I've spent a fair amount of time in the last few days talking with Shauna and advocating for many of these caches. If you own a cache you feel was wrongly archived, stand up and fight for it! Let Groundspeak know directly so they can foward it to the NPS. Lots of the archived cache owners don't read the forums. If you know someone who's cache was wrongly archived, tell them to contact Groundspeak about it. It may still be possible to get many of these caches unarchived.

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