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  1. Sam, please don't make it worse by claiming your wife Suzanne is just some girl from the office (that you manage) who never heard of geocaching before.
  2. Moved from Ham Radio forum.
  3. Moving this post to the proper forum where you are more likely to find help.
  4. Already being discussed here. Closing duplicate thread.
  5. Since it was pointed out that geocoin sales are only allowed in the geocoin forum, moving this thread there.
  6. Closing this thread. In the future please post just one thread to the most appropriate forum instead of posting the same thing all over the place.
  7. You may have better luck placing this in the 'GPS Garage Sale' forum. It is quite likely this will be moved for you by NJ Admin. Moved.
  8. I am somewhat reluctantly closing this thread in favor of this one in the main forum. Because the AT covers several different regional forums, and because Groundspeak is actively involved with this, I feel it's important to keep as much info as possible all in one place where everyone can find it, rather then spread out among many different threads. Please continue posting information there. I've spent a fair amount of time in the last few days talking with Shauna and advocating for many of these caches. If you own a cache you feel was wrongly archived, stand up and fight for it! Let Groundspeak know directly so they can foward it to the NPS. Lots of the archived cache owners don't read the forums. If you know someone who's cache was wrongly archived, tell them to contact Groundspeak about it. It may still be possible to get many of these caches unarchived.
  9. Please don't do that. It's against forum rules. Just post once in the most appropriate place. Locking this one.
  10. Small correction. The lines you quote are from the Terms Of Use, not the forum rules. You want this http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?act=boardrules In part: Words to live by.
  11. Yes people know about it. Check this thread for more information. Closing duplicate thread.
  12. This is not true. The guidelines say "At times a cache may meet the listing requirements for the site but the reviewers, as experienced cachers, may see additional concerns that you as a cache placer may not have noticed. As a courtesy, the reviewer may bring additional concerns about cache placement to your attention and offer suggestions before posting.". So the situation you describe is not outside a reviewer's authority at all.
  13. Please see the forum guidelines. Private, off-topic conversations between two forum community members ought to take place via PM or e-mail. This thread is about whether a ham frequency should be listed by the website. Thanks. Well, I'll answer it anyway since I guess my level of experience is important to the debate. Yes Drew, I am I licensed ham who has been involved in amateur radio for over 30 years. Now, answer a question for me. Drew, are you an active geocacher? Thanks...
  14. As the mod for the ham forum I just want to mention there is hardly a concensus for the request made by the OP. The thread the OP points to contains many arguments against the OP's request. Many hams there point out there is already another agreed upon calling frequency. It's also been pointed out there is already an official wilderness protocol for outdoor enthusiasts that calls for monitoring the already agreed upon calling frequency. update. Here is the wilderness protocol mentioned.
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