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Finding archived/unavailable caches


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Did some caching yesterday which included some caches which have been marked as unavailable for sometime, 2 of the 3 found were in good condition, So :-

  • Has anyone else intensionally hunted out archived/unavailable caches
  • What are peoples feelings on these cache, should they be left, adopted, cleared up etc...

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If they are archived, sign the log and remove the cache as it is simply geolitter.


If it's temporarily unavailable and in good condition let the owner know so they can reactivate the page. It could have been temped for any number of reasons (wet cache, site temporarily inaccessible at the time etc), so it's good to let the owner know that everything is now fine.

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I know some people get into a rage about the "geolitter" aspect, but to muggles, aren't all caches (geo)litter? I've no qualms about logging an archived cache, however I'd do as P&T would and would pull it out - if it was a mess. But if it's in decent nick, and being found, it's no more "detrimental" than an active cache imo :anicute:

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I've had several caches dearchived when it turns out they were in place all along, including ones I've looked for and not found myself. As for geolitter, a cache should be either removed by its owner or someone acting for them, or it gets muggled and removed that way. If you aren't 'throwing something away' in the hope that it'll become someone else's problem, I don't think you're littering, and caches aren't placed in the hope they'll be found and removed by a man in a dayglo vest.

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I have intentionally looked for and found disabled caches where it's obvious from the logs that the cache is still there and there's no reason not to search for it.


I don't recall having searched for archived caches but the same personal guidelines would apply as for disabled caches. I wouldn't remove the cache without the prior permssion of the owner. Just because the Groundspeak listing happens to be archived doesn't mean that the cache has been abandoned: it may be on other listing sites.

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