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Question about Path Tags and Cache Tags

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pathtags are about the size of a quarter and are a personal signature item. Not trackable on GC.com, but you can log them on the pathtag website


Cachetags are also personal swag items and not trackable on GC.com. They are a bit bigger than pathtags, but around the same price for a starter kit, just a different company


Geotags ARE trackable on gc.com. They have one side with a design and the same back on all designs (wtih the tracking number to track it on gc.com).


Hopefully that helps.

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I have a few questions about pathtags. Since attending GCF my daughter is now intent on getting her own coins. So I decided Pathtags would be the best way to go. I understand a starter kit is $99 plus shipping and handling and she can design pretty much anything her heart desires (probably cow related :)) but what I wanted to know exactly how many makers are out there? And NOT by reputation but by easy of use who is easiest to work with when designing a pathtag or all they all the same? And lastly what is the easiest way to design a pathtag? Can I draw a 10 inch circle, let her draw away, and then shrink it down to the template or do I have to use a program? I know that there are deisgners out there that will help but I think it'd be a better idea to have her do it completely herself. Thanks for any and all help. ;)

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