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2008 Lazy Hayes Days Event Coins

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As many of you know RockinRoddy has had a run of bad luck. Currently his dad is in the hospital and will probably be for the next 5 weeks for continuing treatment. Rod gave me a set of his 2008 Lazy Hayes Days event coins to put up on ebay for him in the hopes he could raise enough money for a couple of tanks of gas. His round trip to the hospital is approximately 100 miles and we all know how much gas costs these days.


The coins are all trackable and a total of 125 of all metals were minted. The mintage breakdown is: The XLE is copper with 15 minted. It features blue glitter on the back. The LE is silver with 35 minted and the RE is gold and 75 minted of those.


Here is a link to the auction 2008 Lazy Hayes Days Event Coins Auction

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Hello Beverly, That is a very nice thing you are doing for a friend of ours. He sure is got the bad luck lately, Everytime we read in the forumns it is always something else that is happeneing to him. There is not a day that goes by that we dont think of him and hope he is doing okay. We send many prayers each and every day. Glad to see he is been blessed with some mystery coiners to help brighten up his spirits. Were here for you Roddy and we want you to know that. Hang in there our friend.


Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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Roddy, I'm sending you a Sailboat AE coin and pin to auction for your dad!


I'm so sorry that I haven't written back the way I should, but know that you're still in my prayers and heart!





THANKS and very much appreciated Naomi!!! You are always in my prayers as well kiddo!!


Wow, up to $50....AWESOME!! Remember that you are bidding on 3 coins, one being the XLE volunteer coin!! Only 15 were made!

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THANKS and very much appreciated Naomi!!! You are always in my prayers as well kiddo!!


Wow, up to $50....AWESOME!! Remember that you are bidding on 3 coins, one being the XLE volunteer coin!! Only 15 were made!


Darn it, I was out bid. Hehe, now it's time to do some sniping at the end.

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WOW...one and a half days left and the bidding is into the $80's...WOW!! THANKS everyone for the generous bidding!! THANKS also for the kind words!


Dad has been making a bit of progress, he can now move his legs upward (would be forward if standing, he still cannot stand though) and he has a LOT more range of motion with both his legs and feet!! Doc said he MIGHT come home a few weeks from now if he continues with these improvements!!


THANKS!!! Words just cannot convey my feelings right now, it's comforting to know that, when the chips are down, friends are there and willing to help!! I just hope I can find a special way to repay all this kindness!!

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Wow, the auction raised for a nice chunk of change. The auction did very well. Sorry but we could not afford to pay that kind of price for the coins, way beyond what our wallets could afford. Wish you many wishes and prayers always going out to you Rod. Seems that there is many caring people out here for you Rod. What a grateful thing right there. Were always thinking of you Rod


Your friends,


Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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There is still a couple of hours to get your bid in!!


i was just outbid, just can't go any higher!


I want to THANK everyone who participated in this auction, WOW!! Tasia, you put in a valient effort there, much appreciated my friend!! BTW...a good friend (as if none of you are good friends???) took home the coins, what a wonderful lady she is! Not being able to see who was doing the bidding, I was truly surprised to see who the winner was, I am very lucky to have friends like all of you!


Good news came yesterday....what a WONDERFUL day it was!! Dad's birthday was yesterday, he got to come home!!!!!! Now, only for a visit, but it really made his and our day! We've hosted a golf outing for dad's birthday for the last several years now, one of the most popular outings of the season...this year was no different! People came from all over, everyone knew pops was coming home and all were wanting to be there! It was truly an amazing sight, dad was like a rock star with soooo many people following him about...and he was in HEAVEN!! The look on his face, the sparkle in his eye...WOW! You can tell he's in good spirits and getting better daily!


The hospital wants to keep dad until after his radiation treatments so he can make full use of the rehab center...wait a minute...does that sound right?? A hospital that WANTS to help an uninsured patient?? We are blessed with the amount of care and kindness being offered...from ALL AROUND! ANYWAYS, he MIGHT get to come home in a few weeks or so, he has 15-20 radiation treatments to go and then maybe homeward bound!! He'll be coming home again Sunday, he's testing his ability to move about my mom's house...this is where he'll live for awhile!! Docs want to be certain he can take care of himself and NOT injure his mangled spine!


I also heard bad news, this news will stay with me...for a bit at least. Cancer, it's a *(&%^&(^


SO....THANK-YOU all for your support!! This money will go straight into my gas tank so I can continue my visits!! WONDERFUL!!! OH...and I have a few more coins to auction as well, THANKS to the kindness of a dear and special friend:


GWVI Gold (I'm told this is the mistake coin)

12 Days of Caching Gold

12 Days of Caching Silver

Crake's Suncatcher Gold

Tommy Trojan #275 (with the "TT" prefix)


Not sure how best to auction these off as I really dislike asking for help putting them on ebay (don't want to inconvenience anyone, especially LB4T who has been a sweetheart). Will put them up for sale soon though!! ANY money left over after the visits and dad's release will go directly to the med bills, so I will not be profiting from these sales, just want everyone to know this!!


I would also like to add this last bit: a dear friend (as in a caching friend since I've really only met this very kind person at events) has opened her heart and home to me for use during my trips to the hospital, she lives just blocks away!! WOW, the caring and kindness being shown me is overwhelmingly AWESOME!! My eyes are filled with tears just thinking about this!! What an AWESOME community we have in the caching world!!! Really lifts my spirits and brings joy to my heart! :sad::sad::huh:

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